The Future of Freedom: A Feature Interview with NSA Whistleblower William Binney

A 36-year veteran of America’s Intelligence Community, William Binney resigned from his position as Director for Global Communications Intelligence (COMINT) at the National Security Agency (NSA) and blew the whistle, after discovering that his efforts to protect the privacy and security of Americans were being undermined by those above him in the chain of command.

The NSA data-monitoring program which Binney and his team had developed — codenamed ThinThread — was being aimed not at foreign targets as intended, but at Americans (codenamed as Stellar Wind), was destroying privacy here and around the world. Binney voices his call to action for the billions of individuals whose rights are currently being violated.

William Binney speaks out in this feature-length interview with Tragedy and Hope’s Richard Grove, focused on the topic of the ever-growing Surveillance State in America.

On January 22, 2015: (Berlin, Germany) – The Government Accountability Project (GAP) is proud to announce that retired NSA Technical Director and GAP client, William “Bill” Binney, will accept the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence Award today in Berlin, Germany. The award is presented annually by the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence (SAAII) to a professional who has taken a strong stand for ethics and integrity.

Stop the vaccine atrocities – your child is not corporate property

This is probably one of the best explanations on the detrimental effects of vaccines “I have heard.” Everyone needs to listen very carefully to what Doctor Stephanie Seneff discusses in this video clip on vaccinations.

This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection I’ve Ever Heard!

Now that you’ve watched Doctor Stephanie Seneff describe the nefarious effects vaccines are having on children, listen to this ex-Australian Police Officer Chris Savage explain how police and doctors who are brainwashed in blaming parents for vaccine injury and death.


Mysterious Death: Body of Doctor Who Linked Vaccines to Autism Found Floating in River

By Adan Salazar
Global Research, June 29, 2015


A prominent autism researcher and vaccine opponent was found dead floating in a North Carolina river last week under what many are calling suspicious circumstances. A fisherman found the body of Dr. James Jeffery Bradstreet in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock, North Carolina, last Friday afternoon.

“Bradstreet had a gunshot wound to the chest, which appeared to be self inflicted, according to deputies,” reported WHNS. In a press release, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office announced, “Divers from the Henderson County Rescue Squad responded to the scene and recovered a handgun from the river.”

An investigation into the death is ongoing, and the results of an autopsy are also reportedly forthcoming. Dr. Bradstreet ran a private practice in Buford, Georgia, which focused on “treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, PPD, and related neurological and developmental disorders.”

Read the entire story here:

Brilliant discussion with Hans Utter on music used as a culture-deforming weapon

This discussion appeared
at Gnostic Media

Dr. Hans Utter – “Music, Mind Control, and Psychobiology, Pt. 1″ – #232

Sitarist and composer Hans Utter is deeply rooted in Indian classical music, having studied extensively in India under the tutelage of the world renown sitar maestro Ustad Shujaat Khan.

He performs in the Imdad Khan gharana style, known as the gayaki ang, and has achived recognition in India, the United States and Europe. As a composer he explores the crossover between Indian music, jazz, rock and Western classical music, and is also an accomplished guitar player.