The Yokohama flim-flam man is suddenly a “Business Development Specialist”

Gumo set up a company in Singapore to E-registrate companies

Gumo set up a company in Singapore to E-registrate companies

Going through today’s url links decorating the internet at almost every juncture on our Yokohama flim-flam man, decided to take a look at a company Gregory Gumo set up in Singapore offering companies E-registration services. What Gumo seems to have done was to tap into the E-registration market for companies looking to set up e-commerce domiciled in Singapore.

Gumo’s company was launched on April 9, 2014, and again we see that this business was not pursued where it could have generated any type of an income or revenue. Again, another business set up with no real long term plan for facilitating business. I don’t get it? Why would a company be needed to assist other companies to E-register in Singapore. If a company is interested in doing business in Singapore, wouldn’t they have their own IT people available to do the E-registry in Singapore? In this introductory explanation of Gumo’s E-registration business, he describes himself as a “Business Development Specialist.” Where in the heck did Gumo come up with this idea unless he was piggy-backing off someone else’s idea for E-registration businesses? The following is the company Gumo registered in Singapore:

Source : Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW)
Wednesday, April 9, 2014 12:52PM IST (7:22AM GMT)

Singapore Incorporation Online Launches Company E-registration Service

Singapore Incorporation Online has recently simplified its e-registry in a continued effort to make the Singapore business setup process quick and easy for entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Singapore Incorporation Online has this week launched a new and simplified e-registry for Singaporean company registration, making the incorporation process from start to finish easier than before. Entrepreneurs, both foreigners and Singaporeans alike, will benefit from this new company registration service.

Response from early adopters of this service has thus far been very supportive. One of its newest clients, Ms. Goh, shared, “In the past, I was too intimidated to set up my business, but with this new business registration service, it was such a breeze.” Veteran entrepreneur Jeffery Coe stated his appreciation for the process, “It took me just 20 minutes to complete my company’s registration, and a day later my latest venture was born.” Others view the service as a step forward for businesses in a country known for being the easiest place in the world.

While registering a company can be a daunting process for anyone in the world, especially for non-residents of a country, Singapore Incorporation Online offers several pre-packaged “1-click” solutions. These bundles include everything that a foreigner would need in order to register a business in Singapore.

“We have set up incorporation packages that suit most companies’ [incorrect spelling and punctuation] needs. As a foreigner myself, with several businesses in Singapore, [and not one of those businesses went on to develop income or long term development] it was always a confusing process to figure out exactly what needed to be done during a start-up process. This is exactly why we put in the effort to make the entire company registration process as simple as possible,” says Business Development Specialist, [what suddenly made Gumo a specialist?] Gregory Gumo.

On the website, users can find several incorporation bundles specifically geared for clients looking to set up a company and migrate to Singapore. Other bundles offer options for foreign companies that want to enjoy the perks of setting up an Asia Pacific branch or relocate operations to Singapore.


Singapore’s stable political climate, healthy economy, developing neighboring countries, numerous free trade agreements and attractive tax rates and generous tax benefits, are factors why so many foreign entrepreneurs and businesses are flocking to Singapore. Startlingly enough, with its over 5 million residents, Singapore is already the 3rd wealthiest country in the world. [this is actually incorrect. Singapore ranks #9 out of the ten richest countries in the world]

Many westerners are shocked to find how comfortable of a lifestyle Singapore offers. Mr. White, a resident of 3 years states, “You have everything you could ever possibly want here. Singapore spoils you. Within the range of 2 hours, I have some of the most exotic beach destinations that I used to just dream about visiting. I also found it easy to adapt to the lifestyle as Singapore is so westernized that most people would mistake it for a city in America, if you were to disregard the cleanliness and safety that Singapore offers.”

Services such as Singapore Incorporation Online’s e-registration will only make the whole process of registering a new company and relocating to Singapore easier for anyone. Gregory Gumo added, “We are more than happy to answer questions in advance. We welcome e-mails, so don’t be shy about asking how to set up your business or migrate to Singapore.” [no, step right up, don’t be shy. let a known charlatan, lying sociopath and flim-flam man, and now possibly a murderer set you right up in business.]

To learn more about Singapore Incorporation Online, please visit


With online services since 2004, Singapore Incorporation Online’s team of qualified and certified specialists is ready to help with your business registration, immigration and corporate service needs. From shoe-string budget start-ups to publicly listed enterprises, Singapore Incorporation offers packages, consulting and support services tailored to any company’s needs.

Media Contact Details [media means promotion; beware of Gumo promoting anything]

Gregory Gumo, Singapore Incorporation Online, +65 6305 2414

Three time loser blues music for the party boy of Yokohama

Gregory Gumo

Gregory Gumo

What we are trying to find here is discovery as to how Gregory Gumo might have become interested in Japan and what led him to Yokohama. In a previous post, I stated that Gumo probably became interested not in Japan itself, more than likely he became interested in Japanese girls.  This interest in Japanese girls probably came from his working in the New York club scene where he was ostensibly a manager. Depending on what is available on the internet in a few related news stories, he was called a “director”, one source mentioned him as a “manager”, and another source referred to him as an “employee.” Must have been a constant flow of Japanese girls touring New York heading to some of these night clubs and possibly Japanese musicians as well as DJs working in clubs in Japan going to New York to learn the art of becoming a deejay, which is serious money if you get really good at it.

Personally, I don’t think Gumo was a manager. More than likely he was a lowly employee which knowing his character now probably was a bit degrading for him, so just imagine how he must have felt upon arriving in Japan as a white blue-eyed blond-hair American knowing how Japanese have this deterministic attitude towards whites in general. I suspect he met his first wife, Maiko Nakamura, in New York and it was through her that they became “partners” which is alleged to have developed into a marriage. I don’t buy that, I think they weren’t married and probably had sex for a year, did the club thing and then had an idea about selling some Japanese fashion merchandise Maiko Nakamura was probably largely responsible for purchasing in Japan to sell in New York. Gumo doesn’t appear to have the responsibility required to go through with all the immigration and marriage issues involved in marrying a Japanese national.

Gregory Gumo in another exaggerated self-promotional gratuitous bio entry, said he was the “co-founder of the Seven Boutique & Gallery from between 1997 and 2000″. Gumo described this boutique as one of the “coolest Avant Garde Boutiques at that time in New York City” located on 180 Orchard Street, New York. For a “university graduate in law from the University of New York”, Gumo spelled “Avant Garde” incorrectly. It is actually “avant-garde” and it is hyphenated. From a previous post, it was at this boutique where Gumo was working when a woman came in with two of her friends and started helping themselves to US$1,500 in Japanese fashion merchandise on display at the boutique, saying she was taking this merchandise because Gumo owed her on a previous debt.

I don’t believe Gumo was the “co-founder” as he stated, rather, I think he met this Japanese woman in New York and they discussed getting Japanese fashion merchandise sold at this boutique where the two other people mentioned in the following quote, probably knew Gumo through the night club scene. These guys probably quickly figured out what a dead beat incompetent Gumo was all about, and told him to get lost shortly thereafter as well as his alleged first wife, Maiko Nakamura. Maiko Nakamura had a background in fashion, art and design so it does seem plausible this is why they were described as “partners.” The police said they were inclined to believe this woman in their investigation of the incident. This is the entry for the Seven Boutique & Gallery:

Opening of 7, fashion and art store, at 180 Orchard street; e.g. designer Rubin Chapelle, Markus Huemer and Benjamin Cho. Each designer was represented through an artist. Rubin Chapelle was represented by Berte Fischer and H. N. Semjon with each an artwork.

7 is a fashion and art store, designed and opened by ‘eye in the sky’, a group of young designers, artists and entrepreneurs (John Demas, Calvin Yee, Gregory Gumo, Joseph Quantana and Stephen Tseng). The show is open for a week.

If you read Gumo’s bio off another social networking site called “Radaris”, you come away with the impression this guy is definitely facing some serious issues of self-delusion and narcissism. Most of the bio here is a listing of companies he created online and the rest of it is exaggerated filler. Who would make a statement like this: “I do a lot more than I can list often due to conflicts of interest or other BS?” If you were attempting to representative prospective businesses interested in domiciling in Singapore would you trust this guy?  Gumo set up a company as a “new project” suggesting this company was going to do the necessary work to assist in setting up companies to do business in Singapore.

If you were doing due diligence on this guy looking to set up a business in Singapore, would you trust him to assist you in setting up your company after reading this bio? And the other aspect that is lacking credibility with this guy is that he is allegedly married with three children at one point being with him in Singapore. Wouldn’t most bios include a wife and three supportive happy children as a sign of responsibility and stability? Guess not in the flim-flam man from Yokohama‘s bio. This guy after reading this short bio, sure does sound upset or angry about something. And also, when he was in Thailand a beach party ended up having some difficulties as well and the party in Phuket, Thailand was never held. Look at the strategic partnership this guy developed with Mariko Akitaya? A strategy of probable murder.

Gregory Gumo in Singapore

Gregory Gumo in Singapore

Gregory Gumo

Locality: Singapore
Summary: Just doing my own thing. Love to work in work that I love. I do a lot more than I can list often due to conflicts of interest or other BS.
Current: COO at Nataratt Holdings (Thailand) [Phuket party turned out to be a failure] Director at Pan Av Asia Partners Co-founder, Director at Fuel Festival see less…
Past: Co-founder at Makeforce Pte Ltd Consultant at Yamagata Singapore Consultant at Yamagata Corporation CBO – (Business Development), Technovangelist at Yamagata Corporation Co-founder at Soundpedia Pte Ltd Technical Language Consultant at Fujitsu Technical Language Consultant at Yamagata [the English local conversationalist and occasional editor; blond hair and blue eyes, he’ll work just fine] Intech Managing Director at Avalon/Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium, Club USA Co-founder at Seven Boutique & Gallery Event coordinator / Promoter at Avalon/Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium, Club USA see less… 7 more…
Industry: Entertainment
Skills: Strategic partnerships, Strong grasp on “now”. [and a strong grasp of finding how to get the money]
Experience: Nataratt Holdings (Thailand) (Entertainment industry): COO, [don’t let the big sounding “Chief Operating Officer” title fool anyone, it means basically I’m a loser but just in case, please look how important I am] (November 2010-Present) Making fun stuff happen. [and making failed progress and go nowhere events happen simultaneous too]
Pan Av Asia Partners (Entertainment industry): Director, (February 2010-Present) Bringing the fun to Singapore. Building a great team. We produced Avalon At Large Sept 23rd & 24th, 2010 Featuring Flo Rida, Chemical Brothers, Empire of the …
Interests: Music, travel, learning, fishing, [probably the only one real thing Gumo could do at least half right and not screw it up] surfing, skateboarding, programming, my mac.
Interests: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, getting back in touch [in other words, no real experience at working and obtaining money through struggle and a lot of hard work; you don’t get opportunities lurking around on the internet all night]

And now some music for the flim-flam man three time loser from Yokohama….

The Yokohama online flim-flam man lookin’ for love

Gregory Gumo - The Yokohama online flim-flam man

Gregory Gumo – The Yokohama online flim-flam man

Gregory Gumo claimed he was an IT professional on various social networking sites including LinkedIn in which he described himself as an “IT consultant“, “technovangelist” and “internet entrepreneur“. Here is a good one that I would certainly like to understand. Prior to coming to Japan, he was ostensibly a manager for two clubs in New York, the Limelight and Tunnel. These clubs are associated with all kinds of unsavory people, drugs, brain-deadening techno trance music and sex. The hard core ingredients for any successful private rage parties and events in New York. Then Gumo leaves New York in late 2002, and after arriving in Japan, he starts to work for a company in Yokohama called “Yamagata” as a “translation specialist.” So, he goes from a party guy promoter in the New York club scene to a “translation specialist” without even a high school education? What were his qualifications to work as a “translation specialist” for Yamagata? Probably no qualifications at all outside of being a blond-haired blue-eyed gaijin. He probably got a job at Yamagata doing rudimentary English editing on documents that were already translated from Japanese to English and then he goes on to be a “technical language consultant” for Fujistu while at Yamagata?

What Gumo was probably doing while working doing some kind of rudimentary editing of technical documents and web sites from already translated material for these Japanese companies, was learning his rudimentary computer skills on the dime of these companies. It seems as though while he was in Singapore working for Yamagata based out of Yokohama with offices all over the world including in Singapore, he was moonlighting on the side getting involved in entertainment, night life and event promotion.

Using his newly acquired “IT skills”, over the course of the next couple of years, Gumo went to work setting up domain names of which there are twelve domain names registered by him including the dating website he set up he called “Luvfindr.” What seems odd is that if he claimed he was an “IT specialist” with the skills he provided in his bio, why wasn’t he working at an IT job in Yokohama or Tokyo employed so he could support himself and his family? The point is, he wasn’t the “IT specialist” he claimed, and he had no particularly advanced IT skills either. Furthermore, if he had the IT skills he claimed he had, why would he set up the online dating site Luvfindr with no plan to develop an income stream off this website, or any of the other domain names he set up? Here are the domain names Gumo registered at the IP address of which is in Yokohama. Twelve website domain names set up by Gregory Gumo using this ip address:

Here is an example of Gumo’s proficiency at IT posted on October 12, 2014. This isn’t programming by the way which Gumo claimed he could perform. This is simply setting up an online website for user interaction like on a dating website:

Last night I built the core of the user system from the ground up without using any preexisting scripts. Join, Login, Logout, verify your email all are working. user levels are working (verified, non-verified so far). I also built a threaded comment system for the site from scratch which includes sandboxing of comments, a non-verified user will be able to see their own comments but until they either become a verified member OR their comment gets approved it will not be visible publicly. I have a lot more to finish on this site and commenting alone is huge new can of worms i just opened. I need to make an admin panel for reviewing all newly posted commends to approve or remove, review flagged comments (I need to make a flagging function that after a threshold of X number if flags re-sandboxes the comment…), I need to add BB code functions for allowing limited embedding of html in comments, I need to add #hashtagging and @username functions… I need to add social sharing functions. Also I need to improve the markup for “quoted” comments. I also need to enable the like and dislike functions for the comments, may be make comments that are unpopular collapse? I will probably also use the comment script as the core to create a forum section for this site as they function very similarly. I also will add some antispam / anti hack functions like lock and key for authenticating on the back end. Anyhow I got the basic core done and its on par with practically any other comment system that exists.

The following is the registry information for the domain name Luvfindr under Gumo’s company he named Simply Made Limited, a dating website set up by an “IT specialist” rather than using his skills in a real IT job? Then in a blog post discovered, he mentioned in a sarcastic and seemingly bored way, he was up late at night “working”on an IT project which was this Luvfindr website. Whois Information:

Create Time: 4/2/2012 12:00:00 AM

Update Time: 3/3/2014 12:00:00 AM (date on Gumo’s blog entry commenting about him working on this site; blog entry title: “bored in Yokohama“; see music below)

Expired Time: 4/2/2016 12:00:00 AM

domain name:
registry domain id: 1710756639_domain_com-vrsn
registrar url:
updated date: 2013-03-01t23:27:07.00z
creation date: 2012-04-02t17:11:00.00z
registrar registration expiration date: 2016-04-02t16:11:25.00z
registrar: enom, inc.
registrar iana id: 48
registry registrant id:
registrant name: gregory gumo
registrant organization: simply made limited (name of the company Gumo set up for Luvfindr)
registrant street: [redacted]
registrant street: hodogaya
registrant city: yokohama
registrant state/province: kanagawa
registrant postal code: 240-0011
registrant country: jp
registrant phone: +81 [redacted]
registrant phone ext:
registrant fax: +81 [redacted]
registrant fax ext:
registrant email:
registry admin id:
admin name: gregory gumo
admin organization: simply made limited
admin street: [redcated]
admin street: hodogaya
admin city: yokohama
admin state/province: kanagawa
admin postal code: 240-0011
admin country: jp
admin phone: +81 [redacted]
admin phone ext:
admin fax: +81 [redacted]
admin fax ext:
admin email:
registry tech id:
tech name: gregory gumo
tech organization: simply made limited
tech street: [redacted]
tech street: hodogaya
tech city: yokohama
tech state/province: kanagawa
tech postal code: 240-0011
tech country: jp
tech phone: +81 [redacted]
tech phone ext:
tech email:
name server:
name server:
dnssec: unsigned
consent from us.
version 6.3 4/3/2002

Somebody help me find my baby…I’m lookin’ for love…

The Yokohama flim-flam man lays down a trail of digital online links

Gregory Gumo self-portrait for LinkedIn page

Gregory Gumo self-portrait for LinkedIn page

This is pretty astonishing going back through Gregory Gumo’s digital  foot print pulling out all the social networking connections he is associated with, or has been registered at over the years. Here’s a basic run down on all the online social networking sites he has been found at. Looking through all these links we’re sort of wondering if he didn’t perhaps go back to delete information prior to Mariko Akitaya‘s death? There is really nothing substantial to read just registrations, a few lines of bio and nothing more than that. For an IT specialist, there isn’t any record of him having developed anything even substantial worth claiming success on including In addition to all these sites Gumo registered at, or used at one point or another, he also registered nine websites for some unspecified reason. With all this online activity, how in the hell does a person find the time to “manage” all these social networking sites while finding time to work? IT work? Hardly. The guy didn’t have any money. Gumo was one busy IT kind of a guy. Here’s the initial rundown on sites Gumo is linked to:

Facebook (deleted)
tumblr (Gumo logged into this site from Fukui Prefecture in the City of Ohide on the coast of the Sea of Japan from his hotel room)
LinkedIn (a lot of self-flattery and narcissism present here; claimed university educated studying law and his grammar is atrocious)
Wikipedia (deleted)
twitter (two accounts)
couchsurfing (this site really cracked me up if nothing more for its name)
Google+ (nothing particularity revealing here, pretty bland actually except his entries on his steps to stetting up an interactive website)
YouTube (brief video of Gumo’s cat playing with the water faucet; kind of cute actually)
blog (a serious forensic abundance of information here; the police will definitely get this blog entry professionally translated of they haven’t already) (this is interesting: “Greg is lost?”; same as above; good intel here on this guy) (article of the music festival that was cancelled in which Gumo was involved) (self-promoting bio on Gumo) (American news media picked up the case and ran several stories)

With all this online activity and reading through these links and social networking sites Gumo participated in, there is absolutely no evidence he actually accomplished anything at all according to what he described as his business accomplishments. I damn near went hysterical when an article discussing a cancelled music festival in Singapore in which Gumo was involved, described Gumo as a “veteran professional night life manager.” Managing what exactly?

I was reading comments others left on Gumo’s background from sources in the U.S. that picked up news of Gumo’s relationship to clubs in New York and this comment about him is a real gem:

Uh-oh, a blonde American dude with waifu and and kids has drowned his girlfriend on the side in the ocean. Which one of you fuckers is gonna get inspired/blamed/harrassed about this?

Now I am sort of thinking that if Gumo gets jail time for the murder of Mariko Akitaya if convicted, and if he plays his cards right, he could get a book deal, have his own column, and get paid for TV appearances. Knowing his self-promoting past what else could we possibly expect from this guy?

Japan’s police are expecting gang warfare as Yakuza group splits

Seems as though the Japanese police are preparing for gang warfare when Japan’s largest Yakuza gang, the Yamaguchi-gumi gang splits into factions. The last time this happened decades ago the split gangs erupted into violence. This article suggests a violent confrontation is coming between Yakuza gangs so get ready foreign residence of Japan. After many years living in Japan I have scene these gangs operating all over, once when they were shaking down a business man and his wife at a restaurant we were eating at. I would imagine if Gregory Gumo receives a prison term for murdering Mariko Akitaya, he will spend time in prison with a few of these Yakuza gang members. They will probably be kept segregated from Japanese prisoners.

This article appeared
at The Daily Beast

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

The Coming Yakuza War

August 28, 2015

The biggest Yakuza group is celebrating its 100th year in operation, but it’s splitting into factions that may soon go after each other with bloody consequences.

TOKYO — This year should have been a good one for Japan’s largest organized crime organization, the Yamaguchi-gumi, the one yakuza group that just about ruled them all. But as it marks its 100th year in business, internal squabbles may split the organization apart; it could also result in the kind of large-scale gang warfare that hasn’t been seen in decades.

The Japanese police are on full alert. Thursday (Japan time), the sprawling Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters in Kobe was besieged by a fleet of black Mercedes-Benzes and high-end Toyota Lexuses, transporting the top dogs of the Yamaguchi-gumi, dressed in their finest black suits, for emergency meetings.

The Yamaguchi-gumi is expected to splinter into factions with some gangs supporting current top boss Kenichi Shinoda aka Shinobu Tsukasa, 73, and others supporting a rival group, primarily based in western Japan, that opposes him and his parent faction, the Kodo-kai.

Be sure to read the entire article at the The Daily Beast

And now, the Yakuza…

Japan’s prisons are increasing in population and are turning into “nursing homes”

Mariko Akitaya and Gregory Gumo - a marriage scam for money?

Mariko Akitaya and Gregory Gumo – a marriage scam for money?

I have often thought about what it must be like to be imprisoned in Japan for any length of time like in a prison like Fuchu Prison? I walked past Fuchu Prison with a friend once just after the new perimeter wall was rebuilt and is was a rather ominous looking facility. As we walked past the prison’s entrance, it was around 5:00pm in the evening and the employees were exiting the facility coming out the front gate. I stood observing the facility from the front and heard what must have been a prisoner yelling out. I’m not sure what that was. Maybe he was exercising in the yard or maybe it was just a distraught prisoner yelling out. Imagine what it will be like for Gregory Gumo to be incarcerated in a facility like this in Japan for ten to fifteen years?

Fuchu Prison

Fuchu Prison

The prison system is changing in Japan and it might perhaps to a nice gesture if someone could provide a book to  Gumo written by an American who spent twenty years in prison in Japan. He said the most difficult part was overcoming the loneliness. Good luck on that one Greg Gumo. And don’t expect the internet either so there will be no more online prowling for potential wives with money.

So as to not be dismissive of the victim in this case, it was exactly one month ago today on the 29th of July, when Mariko Akitaya’s body was found in a cove in Koajiro Bay in Miura. Now imagine if Gregory Gumo is convicted and he receives even a seven to ten year sentence what it will be like to not have sex? And recently, a report on the Japanese prisons are increasing in population so it is going to be a bit crowded. And then the report that came out recently that because of Japan’s aging population, Japan’s prisons are turning into nursing homes.

The police now expect that Gregory Gumo was online going through dating sites possibly luring women into what has been described as a “marriage scam.” The question then becomes, did Gregory Gumo lure Mariko Akitaya into a marriage promising marriage on the condition she provide him money? If this was the case, Akitaya probably did not know Gumo was married and there is no telling what kind a fabricated story he told her. When she discovered he was married and had provided money to him, which I expect this to be the case, that woman must have been extremely pissed off. No telling what she would be capable of including stalking this guy and even threatening him. One thing is sure he was unemployed, he didn’t have money and he was looking to secure an arrangement where he could move in with a Japanese woman who had money and could secure his VISA to remain in Japan if he left his wife.

Story changes to “it was a lie and Mariko Akitaya killed herself”

Gregory Gumo being transferred to prison cell

Gregory Gumo being transferred to prison cell

Looking for news reports on Mr. Gregory Gumo today and discovered a brief 40 second video clip including a news article on this case. Gumo has apparently now claimed that he was “lying to the police”, and that what had happened when they were together the night of the 28th of July, was that “Mariko Akitaya had killed herself.” Suicide?! How did that work out? What did he ask Mariko Akitaya while they were driving to Miura?  Did he consult with Mariko about where she would like to have her body dropped off? “So, Mariko, after you kill yourself as we’re driving in the car all night and day, where would you like for me to dump your body?”

Did he sit next to her in the car driving to and from Atami and then over to Miura while watching her drop one sleeping tablet after another without trying to stop her? “Yeah Mariko, look, you’re upset, just take some of your sleeping medication to relax. Here, take another one, here’s one more, and here is a drink to wash them down”. Seems Gumo is changing his explanations as to how this woman died and the police are revealing the absurdity of his reasons with evidence to counter him. The police are in evidence-alibi reductionist mode on this guy. His entire life is an abject failure and he even failed at this murder as his final promotional event. The irony is preventing me from being objective here. I want to figure out how he got the sleeping medication in her. If you go to the news site this was taken from be sure to view the news video clip.

This article appeared
at TBS News





An internet sojourner leaves his digital trail for investigating

Murder suspect Gregory Joseph Gumo

Murder suspect Gregory Joseph Gumo

As we continue our internet sojourn into tracing Gregory Gumo’s digital footprint, we come to the city of Ohida located in Fukui Prefecture on the coast of the Sea of Japan where Gregory Gumo stayed at a hotel. The date of the stay cannot be confirmed but suggests Gregory Gumo might have been at this hotel. Was he with Mariko Akitaya, or another woman perhaps? This hotel was located on the coast so maybe he was fishing? Would anyone care to imagine knowing Gregory Gumo’s background why he would travel all the way to Fukui Prefecture from Yokohama to stay at a hotel by himself? For some reason that would make no sense to me at all unless he was fishing.

The entry he made indicated his age: “41 year-old.” This would mean the entry was made within the past ten months I would think. I can imagine him on his iPad or portable computer at the hotel in the room making this entry into another social networking site called “Wayn.” Why even make the entry on just one more social networking site with only eight connections there? Why all the social networking registrations and entries? I’ve stopped counting the number of social networking sites he has registered at. Boredom? Alone? Trolling?

Wayn social networking site Gregory Gumo logged into and left a comment.

Wayn social networking site where Gregory Gumo logged in and left a comment.

About Me

Hi, my name is Gregory Gumo. I’m 41 year-old American male, currently in Ohida, Japan. I have 8 friends around the world.

Investigation closing around Gregory Gumo as a “fresh” arrest warrant issued

Fresh arrest warrant issued on Gregory Gumo on August 26, 2015

“Fresh arrest warrant” issued on Gregory Gumo on August 26, 2015

This news was expected and it is probably now certain the investigation is closing around Gregory Gumo in the murder of Mariko Akitaya on July 28, 2015. Her  body was discovered in a cove in Koajiro Bay in Kanagawa Prefecture in the city of Miura the next morning on the 29th of July. Gregory Gumo, the 41 year-old American who is suspected in the case, was first arrested for “abandoning a body” on July 29, 2015. He was subsequently brought to the prosecutors office as suspect in the murder of Mariko Akitaya.

In this news released yesterday, it now appears that Gregory Gumo has had a “fresh arrest warrant” placed on him for the murder of Mariko Akitaya. It looks as though the police have concluded their investigation and they have all the evidence they need for a conviction in the murder of Mariko Akitaya.

This news appeared
at Kyodo News

MIURA : American man to face fresh arrest warrant in woman’s death

August 26, 2015

An American man arrested earlier this month in connection with the death of a Japanese woman whose body was found off the coast of Miura, Kanagawa Prefecture is expected to face another arrest warrant shortly, this time for killing the woman, an investigative source said Wednesday.

Gregory Gumo, 41, was arrested Aug. 6 on suspicion of dumping the body of Mariko Akitaya, a 42-year-old temp worker from Tokyo’s Meguro Ward. He has denied the charge, according to police.

After tracing the path of Gumo’s car just before the discovery of Akitaya’s body, investigators at the Misaki Police Station suspect Gumo killed [this is incorrect. If Gumo killed her some place before arriving at the cove and then it is stated later she was thrown alive into the sea, this is an inconsistency; get it right boys, which is it?] Akitaya at some place in the prefecture before dumping her body in Koajiro Bay in Miura, the source said.

Gumo is suspected of dumping the body into the sea around July 28. It was found floating 20-30 meters off the shore by a local man on the morning of July 29, according to the police.

The body of Akitaya, clad in a one-piece dress, was wrapped in a sheet and a rope attached to a concrete block piece, the police said.

The police suspect Akitaya may still have been alive when thrown into the sea as an autopsy found water in her lungs.

Gumo was stopped by police investigators at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on the evening of July 29 when he was about to leave for the United States.


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From New York to Yokohama was Maiko Nakamura actually Gregory Gumo’s wife?

Gregory Jospeh Gumo hard at work creating Luvfindr

Gregory Jospeh Gumo hard at work creating Luvfindr

This is a brief portion out of Gregory Gumo’s bio captured off the internet after a search looking for information on his past for connections that led him to Yokohama, Japan where he first arrived in late 2002. Why Japan? Why Yokohama? While in New York, Gumo was working in and connected to night clubs in New York like the Tunnel and Limelight. I am thinking that at some point he met a Japanese or some Japanese in these night clubs who might have been from Yokohama and perhaps at some point invited him to Yokohama. Gumo claimed that he was a co-founder of a boutique in New York where fashion merchandise was sold including Japanese fashion merchandise which I have posted on previously. Before I continue let’s take a look at Gumo’s bio with connections to Japan:

Early life

Born in the suburbs of Washington DC, Gregory [Gumo] spent his youth split between Ormond Beach, Florida and Malverne, New York. As a rebellious teen he naturally gravitated to New York City where he soon started producing underground dance music events. He [Gumo] was briefly married to his longtime partner Maiko Naka[m]ura of the ultra-hip Parisian fashion/art collective Some/things before moving to Japan in late 2001 where he met and married Ayumi Jomori whom he has three children with.

After reading this bio I was able to find so far only one link to Maiko Nakamura who was allegedly married to Gregory Gumo in New York. Was he actually married to her? Knowing Gumo, would he go through all the immigration requirements in the U.S. to marry a woman from Japan? My bet is he wasn’t married and they were perhaps living together. This is how I think Gumo was involved in the boutique he claimed he was a co-founder of before coming to Japan. This Maiko Nakamura from this short bio below, was involved with retail stores (fashion as art”) working between Tokyo, New York and Paris. Gumo probably met her at one of the clubs he worked at in New York and this is how they might have connected as “partners” at this boutique where Japanese fashion merchandise was sold.

Whether or not they were in fact married, or if they just lived together, is hard to ascertain, but now I am wondering if their claimed “divorce”, or separation, was due to the problems Gumo encountered at this boutique which I’ve discussed in this blog post? By this time, it appears he was interested in Japan, certainly Japanese fashion merchandise and now probably the potential for making money in Japan at any one of the many party clubs and night scene in Tokyo and Yokohama? If he met the Japanese woman, Maiko Nakamura, could he have met other Japanese in New York at one of these night clubs who he discussed coming to Japan with?

Here is the bio on Gumo’s alleged ex-wife who it is claimed they were divorced in 2001 before Gumo came to Japan. His arrival date in Japan seems to not be clarified yet. I keep coming to the year of 2002 for him arriving in Yokohama. Maiko, did you know Gregory Gumo is in prison in Yokohama on murder charges?

Gregory Gumo's purported ex-wife, Maiko Nakamura

Gregory Gumo’s purported ex-wife, Maiko Nakamura

Maiko Nakamura


Maiko Nakamura at Palais de Tokyo & MAM, Paris © 2012 Lucie & Simon for Label Dalbin

International Development Director

For the last twelve years, Maiko Nakamura has been working in Tokyo, New York, Berlin and Paris, mostly for creative companies (records label, music streaming site, production of software tools for artists and designers, retail store «fashion as art»…) A great facilitator, she has been marketing manager, creative director, head of PR and, in most cases, has handled external communications for these companies.


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