Rental extortion in Japan and the niggardly Japanese

shit holeThis small rental for a business comes in at ¥180,000 a month (extortion)

There is a dark side of the rental agency businesses in Japan that I will never be able to reconciliate with and that is the almost yakuza-like activities of these fucking property owners and rental agencies. The rental company wants ¥180,000 (roughly US$1900) for this piece of shit small rental.

Who in their right mind is going to rent a small shop like this for ¥180,000 out in the country basically far away from Tokyo when this economy is going to shit and Japan is reporting the number of Japanese at the poverty level are increasing? What kind of a business would be set up here that could generate a monthly profit to pay ¥180,000 in rent and then have enough profit left over to live off? A fucking noodle shop? A coffee shop?

Considering the age of this building it looks to have been paid off by the owner years ago.  That means any rent coming in is almost pure profit. A young guy wants to start his own motorcycle repair shop in this area and this extortion rent curtails him from starting up his own business repairing and selling motorcycles. These fucking rental agencies in Japan are criminal predators sucking profits out of and chiseling the rentee class where ever they can.

There is also this unwritten rule in Japan in which at every two years in the rental contract, an additional months rent is extorted to “renew the rental contract.” It’s just pure profit no matter how it is looked at to keep the rental agencies (fudoya) in money.  That means every two years whoever rents this property is required to pay almost ¥400,000 (roughly US$4,000) to continue renting this property. That is extortion and only goes on in Japan no matter how people describe the rental agency business in Japan.

The really aggravating aspect too about this rental property, is that it has been vacant for eight years yet, the Yakuza-like rental company still wants the extortionist monthly rent refusing to negotiate to drop the rent even a fucking mere ¥10,000 a month. Don’t anyone ever get the idea the Japanese are not niggardly either, they are the worst. They will fucking chisel you at every opportunity. There are many aspects of Japan that I personally cannot reconciliate with and rental agencies in Japan are one of them. The Japanese would say: “Shikataganai.”

They are an exploitative predatory class who basically produce nothing in the Japanese economy. There are so many landlords in Japan who live their lives off the rentee class that it is to my way of thinking an extremely fucked up set of circumstances. Japanese people will tell you that is because they have to keep people employed. But that again is nothing but utter bullshit, especially when the lifestyles and homes these landlords and many of these rental agency owners live in are looked at carefully.