Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the dysfunctional state of Japan






“My name is Shinzo Abe and I don’t have a fucking clue on earth what is going on.”

While online the other day looking for news on Japan off YouTube, Shinzo Abe appears in the first few seconds on YouTube talking about his government and this recent election which cost Japanese taxpayers billions in ¥en. When Shinzo Abe appears on YouTube from Japan I don’t even bother watching the video, I just click “get lost”. It astounds me how much loyalty and faith the Japanese have in their “elected” representatives and these reprobate politicians they have. I keep thinking to myself the Japanese will grow out of this childish passivity they have towards authority. It is in many respects and on many different levels very disturbing to watch.

This disgusting election two years ahead of schedule cost the Japanese people (government) roughly US$500 million. Where else can this kind of profligacy go on but here in Japan? Voter turn out was at an all time low and the passivity of the Japanese people to simply accept this profligacy is just astonishing. Then these politicians who were kept in office through this laughable voting process were voted in by private interests in the corporate, finance and banking structures, then they have the temerity to say they are working “in the best interests of the Japanese people.”