Japan protecting its own corporations from competition

beerThis beer isn’t anything all that special in the micro beer brewing market. Probably average beer where it was brewed with one of the micro brewed beers in this image brewed in Hawaii. In Hawaii this beer would probably sell for about US2.00 a bottle. Here in Japan it sells for two to three times higher in price and is a stiff tariff and tax to keep out competitors and to give the average Japanese the mistaken impression this beer is something special and that is the reason for the high price. Want a Chimay beer? One bottle of Chimay beer will cost currently US$7.20 per bottle here in Japan.

There are so many times coming through the train stations in japan where beer like this is sold in specialty shops and would really like to drink more compared to most of the cheap beer brewed in Japan and marketed very cleverly through television commercials, but this foreign micro brewed  beer is just too expensive to pick up an occasional six bottles or so.  There is nothing special about this beer at all, it is marked so expensively that there is no real pleasure in drinking this beer.

The beer in this image at the current exchange rate goes for roughly US$5.00 per bottle or more. That would make a six pack of this common micro brewed beer from Hawaii US$30.00 for a six pack. US$60 for twelve beers and a fucking whopping US120.00 for a case of this average micro brewed beer from Hawaii.