Revenue collection team on a street in Japan out for their daily haul of easy loot

The two Japanese men with the green safety gear on work for the city. They drive around all day issuing parking tickets using an automated hand held computer system in which they input the information on the car including the license plates for a read out. The revenue earned on each ticket issued is ¥15,000 (roughly US$155.00) for a parking ticket. On a good day these two fuckers can write anywhere from fifteen to twenty parking “violation” tickets a day. That comes out to around ¥225,000 to ¥300,000 (US$1,875 to US$2,500) per day. That comes out to about US$17,500 per week per two man revenue collection tag team like the two fuckers in the images below “just doing their jobs”.

The amount of money these two revenue fuckers collect comes out to a huge amount of money in any given year and this is just in one small city. Nobody ever sits down with a calculator to calculate just how much money is being collected like this. Easy money. These revenue collection agents of the city usually hangout around train stations where there are stores and restaurants where Japanese people frequent.

The man who owned the car came out so I stayed around to observe and get a feel for the man’s reaction. After listening to them for  awhile, the owner of the car pealed off the sticker-type ticket the two revenue collection fuckers placed on the windshield of the car, and then they exchanged smiles and started laughing. The guy must have been gritting his teeth. If it was me there would have been confrontation. Imagine two human beings like these two retired fuckers preying on other Japanese because it’s their job? That does not sit well with me. Wtf hey? It is just astonishing how passive and subdued Japanese are to this type of financial assault.

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