Japan in meltdown and leads the way with “female” sex robots

Over the years I have noticed how the Japanese have focused their attention on building the world’s first fully automated sex robot and they are always designed by male engineers and of young “females.” What is it about the Japanese with this weird infatuation with designing and building female robots for, well you guessed it, almost anything sexual that can be done with a “female” robot.

It is a rather well known fact Japanese men are lonely, even married Japanese men. Can anyone imagine in the coming years Japanese men going on shopping visits to a sex robot store to pick out their own personally ordered female robot ordered to “specifications? Imagine group sex parties in which Japanese men share their own personal female love robots with other attendees of robot sex parties to compare abilities of their fully automated sex robots?

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A Future Filled with Sex Robots: The Downfall of Humanity in One YouTube Comment Thread

We are such toys to the powers that shouldn’t be… and many of us, sleepwalking through our lives glued to our electronic eye candy, are clueless to the bigger neo-eugenics agenda claiming us. Having learned to fully love our servitude, we’re playing right into their hands.

by Melissa Melton | Originally posted at The Daily Sheeple

Check out the comments in this YouTube video “The Most Realistic Artifical Women Ever” (sic) regarding Japan’s latest claim that they have now created the most realistic fake woman ever.

The Most Realistic Artificial Women Ever

Between being heralded as the next best thing since sliced bread that will save the world from everything from STDs to unwanted children to war to fundamentally changing all of society as we know it, the male/female arguments over the coming silicone fembot sex revolution shows why humanity is, for lack of a better term and pardon the pun, screwed.


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  1. I was looking at a carben black cocerd with a jet age pladtic, with a light fiber optic nerve system, power buy a 14 year self powering computer chips. Watson left is the skin covering of the robot. Should it be used for in dusts El and or plaster or ots.

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