There are no “well engineered people”, only well engineered motorcycles

Businesses are not built by empty talk and grubbing for money from others

This is a Triumph motorcycle which was designed and engineered almost to perfection. It is a very high quality motorcycle built for agility, speed and road flexibility. The yellow motorcycle in the background is an Italian-manufactured Ducati. It is too bad I didn’t get involved in going to Qatar with “equally well engineered people” who lured me into their business failures. A business is built not by just talking about it and making highly exaggerated claims, that is deception and false representation, but rather by investing the energy, time and money into building something solid and lasting.



I spent the last two months building this motorcycle shop for my son from the very beginning when this rental property was empty. It was done in the cold of winter all the while with a horrible incurable sinus infection. The reason I could focus so hard on building this motorcycle shop, was to compensate for my failure to see the fraud that was perpetrated on me concerning Qatar. Building this shop for my son almost killed me. It was physically exhausting especially just after going through massive failure in Qatar with these incredibly incompetent Japanese people I mistakenly became involved with. I think back now on the money I wasted on Qatar could have been invested in my son’s business for tools, materials and supplies. I have been compromised financially by these Japanese people who acted way above their own self-exaggerated claims about their ability to do business in Qatar.