Europe’s New Fuhrer by Harry Beckhough WW II Codebreaker – The Fourth Reich

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(1) Reference: The German takeovers of British and US assets were compiled by the veteran 94-year-old British analyst Harry Beckhough, who was a top intelligence officer and codebreaker at Bletchley Park (Station X) during the Second World War. On returning home as Lt. Colonel Royal Artillery Intelligence, Harry Beckhough became S.O.I. (Senior Officer) with the Foreign Office, with a remit to resuscitate the Rhineland Universities of Cologne and Bonn. While engaged in this activity he frequently met Dr Konrad Adenauer, the Hitler-era Mayor of Cologne and friend of Herr Hitler’s favourite German bankers, Drs Hermann Josef Abs and Robert Pferdmenges. For four years, to the end of 1950, Harry met many of the leading political and other figures in Bonn, who spoke to him freely, as an academic, of their Nazi plans for the future. He has very extensive knowledge of Germany and has explored the development of its aggressive long-range nature and intentions from its earliest years. Harry has published studies, the latest of which is entitled ‘Germany’s Fourth Reich‘, exposing the inherited desire for domination and control which has been Germany’s primary characteristic through major wars and confrontations over the centuries, invariably and inevitably ending in absolute chaos, as Nietzsche, the leading German philosopher, exemplified. In the prevailing US financial corruption crisis, the same characteristic has manifested itself: the German element has gone too far and has driven the United States and the whole world to the brink of financial and economic chaos. At the same time, the controlling clique has lost control of its own chaos-manufacturing machine, like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The whole world now recognises the unbroken record of these maniacs.

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