Semitic tribal behavioral psychology at work and more of their social agitation in America

The recent shooting in Garland, Texas can possibly be traced back to several organizations through financial connections, not the shooting specifically, but the exacerbated connections and social agitation that is going on here against the American people. Something Jews have demonstrated they are extremely adept at. And I smell something kosher going on here. This is the bio of David Joel Horowitz who is the head of an organization called the David Horowitz Freedom Foundation. What it seems to be here is that organizations like the David Horowitz Freedom Foundation set up the social conditions by controlling the public discourse, and then when these events conveniently occur, these organizations are cleverly situated to explain what happened according to their own motives for the benefit of Jews. The hand of this Semitic tribe deeply embedded in American institutions with organizations such as David Horowitz’s organization, their connections to powerful foundations and especially Hollywood needs exposure.

David Joel Horowitz (born January 10, 1939) is an American conservative writer. He is a founder and current president of the think tank the David Horowitz Freedom Center, (Jewish operation) editor of FrontPage Magazine, and director of Discover the Networks, a website that tracks individuals and groups on the political left. Horowitz founded the organization Students for Academic Freedom, [just how “free” can that be if a student decides to discuss Jewish tribal behavioral psychology?] whose self-stated goal is combating what it calls the “leftist indoctrination” in academia.









An organization sponsored by David Horowitz’s the David Horowitz Freedom Center (freedom for Jews, for the rest of us it is a perpetual cultural war) is Jihad Watch. Jihad Watch is run by Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller who is a Jew. Let’s not beat around the bush here. Geller is a Jew. Pamella Geller who is a vehement critic of Islam and arch conservative sponsored an art event in Garland, Texas at the as to who could come up with the best cartoon depicting the prophet Muhammad. This is strictly forbidden in Islam. These people know this. Geller knows this. Who thinks of shit like that unless it is for the specific purpose of intentionally aggravating Muslims and social agitation? And then call it “free speech under the 1st Amendment?”

So the deal here is, whoever came up with the best cartoon depicting Muhammad wins US$10,000. Geert Wilders from the Netherlands shows up to give the event publicity. Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer’s organization is based off another Dutch guy who is an anti-Islamic activist in Netherlands. Geert Wilders spent time in Israel where his political views were formed. His mentor was Frits Bolkstein. Trained at the London School of Economics, Frits Bolkstein has serious clout in the Netherlands. This guy agitates Jews in the Netherlands by saying there is no future in the Netherlands for Jews because of Islamic migration suggesting that practicing Jews should immigrate to the US or Israel.

David Horowitz’$ three big sponsor$ appear to be:

1) Olin Foundation (weapons and munitions sales; no war on terrorism there will be no money)
2) Bradley Foundation (Bradley Foundation is big Jewish dollar$; small world with Jews: Mike Joyce was formally at the Olin Foundation and then moved to the Bradley Foundation)
3) Scaife Foundation (handed out ca$h for the Project for the New American Century)

A good question to ask would be who are the lawyers at these foundations releasing the money to fund this kind of activity?

Pamela Geller who is a Jew, and yes, it has been mentioned several times, I know, is the head of the American Freedom Defense Initiative. Doesn’t the word “freedom” make you feel nice and good about yourself? Well, not me. Freedom for who exactly? The Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest that ended in violence in Texas on Sunday, May 3, 2015, was organized by Pamela Geller, a New York Jew who rails against Islam. Her ferocity against Islam is pathological. Then the SPLC gives her organization notoriety by listing it in the “extremist files.”








Pamela Geller of the American Freedom Defense Initiative

Pamela Geller along with Robert Spencer co-founded the American Freedom Defense Initiative (Stop Islamization of America). Robert Spencer heads up Jihad Watch under David Horowitz’s Freedom Center.

Hatred is a full time job for these people. David Horowitz probably pulls in a nice six figure income off his US$7 million dollar a year foundation-financed Freedom Center.

Two were shot dead – if they were shot at all – after shooting at security at Geller’s “art presentation” on Muhammad in Garland, Texas. They just know this drives some Americans crazy and shooters will come out of the ISIS shadows manufactured by the FBI which has been shown over and over again. And now we have ISIS firmly transported onto American soil during Jade Helm as twitters started appearing suggested ISIS was behind the shooting. Who procured these shooters? The FBI? A paid FBI informant who is Islamic? It’s about hate, the more the better.

Pamella Geller paid $US10,000 in security for the event. This is security in full tactical combat gear in the image below. These guys look like they just came right off the streets of Iraq. What private security firm do they work for and why is it at events like this and in Boston these private security companies are always present? What government entity is contracting with them? Look at these bovine-injected apes who are loaded, cocked and ready…






Then two shitheads show up and open fire and are immediately killed after wounding one officer. Provided of course it wasn’t staged? And the winner is? And never mind two guys just got shot dead outside. A “ground breaking 1st Amendment event” in Garland, Texas, yeah baby!!! Brought to you by your local Talmudic Jews.



2 thoughts on “Semitic tribal behavioral psychology at work and more of their social agitation in America

  1. Typical Muslim rant combined with conspiracy paranoia: It’s all the fault of the Jews (Horowitz and Geller) or America (the FBI created ISIS)! Never any introspection among Muslims, never any admission that their “perfect” (LOL) religion might be the actual source of all the trouble that Muslims constantly find themselves in. When will you people grow up and start taking responsibility for your own actions? Islam’s ridiculous sense of entitlement/superiority, along with its rigid intolerance of all else, are the problems.

    Then you mention that drawing pictures of Muhammad is strictly forbidden in Islam, as if that factoid should prevent any non-Muslim from doing so! SO WHAT if drawing Muhammad is forbidden in Islam? Non-Muslims are not bound by Islamic law. In secular modern countries there is individual freedom along with a separation of religion and state. If Muslims can’t abide this state of affairs then they don’t belong in modern countries.

    My friend, when an artist produced a work entitled “Piss Christ”, showing a cross in a vat of urine, western Christians were understandably offended. Unlike Muslims offended by criticism of Islam, however, the Christians didn’t respond by shooting people or rioting, sending suicide bombers onto playgrounds or flying planes into buildings. Instead, they prayed for their tormentors while writing op-ed pieces explaining why this work of artistic expression was so offensive. Do you see the difference? The Christian response to offense was mature. This is how civilized adults behave. By contrast, the violent reactions of Muslims to the mildest slights are repugnant and barbaric. If you can’t tolerate justifiable criticism or opinions different from your own, then you don’t belong in the civilized world. Go live in some Muslim utopia instead.

    • Now that I have had time to read your comment I am disappointed by your lackluster response.

      Muslim utopia? Okay, I will. Have been to the Muslim country of Malaysia and loved the people there.

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