Japan’s Operation Golden Lily and the M-Fund

Living in Japan all these years I’ve often wondered why it is things are the way they are and nothing is questioned, for example, land. How is it that some Japanese people have ended up with so much land where they have become the landlord class and there are so many Japanese people who own nothing except a cheap house and a car? Then the rental agency businesses in Japan who operate like a syndicate artificially keeping prices extremely high on land where cheap box-like terribly energy inefficient homes are built? These predatory rental agency businesses in Japan take an enormous cut off property sales and no one in Japan ever challenges this predatory capitalism. Recently, I have been reading and listening to the work of Sterling and Peggy Seagrave on their research into Japan’s Operation Golden Lily that took place before and after WWII in which some of this money was returned to Japan to make sure the LDP party was firmly established for the beck and call of the US.

The interview with Sterling Seagrave begins at the 35:40 point in this YouTube clip. In this clip Sterling Seagrave explains what happened to all the plundered gold that took place during the 1930s and how this loot ended up back in Japan as the M-Fund based on Golden Lily doling out money to America’s favorites in Japan. Sterling Seagrave also goes on to explain how the large trading houses were in fact not broken up and that everything that was agreed to when Japan and the United States worked out an agreement to end the war. All of the reforms that were agreed on were cancelled with the exception of how land would be divided up.

Sterling Seagrave – Black Op Radio – Gold Warriors