Honey bees raised by a neighbor with homemade wooden hives

Was able to finally catch up with my neighbor who raises bees out back of his small old house around the corner from where I live. He explained to me three years ago that he noticed a cluster of bees that had landed in a tree out in a field behind where he lives. Said he grabbed a large plastic bag and captured the hive including the queen bee. Took these images this morning after talking for about an hour or so. In this image the bees were collecting underneath the hive and the man who raises these bees who is my neighbor said there is a small hole in the bottom that the bees started accessing.










This is the front of the hive with the entrance that is 6mm height. The hive is an empty box he built and the bees are buidling their hive naturally with the combs of various sizes inside the box hanging from the roof of the inside of the hive.

bee entrance









These are what the combs look like with honey in them that the bee owner took from inside one of the smaller hives that he harvested. It is just amazing the perfect symmetry of these combs.

honey comb