Before and during the proxy war videos on Syria in the city of Aleppo

In March of 2011, an international proxy war on the country of Syria erupted which has evolved into one of the most viscous and violent urban guerrilla wars in recent history and now after four years, Syria’s Bashar Al Assad has not ceded his governance over the country of Syria. In the two videos presented here, the first video is of the city of Aleppo, Syria and the second video is the same city of Aleppo taken recently I think of the continued fighting. The first video shows Aleppo in 2009 before fighting starting showing a vibrant city of trade, commerce and activity, while in the second video the city of Aleppo has been turned into chunks of concrete. Thousands of been left homeless, many more dead and a violent blood lusting cult of religious lunatics fighting the Syrian Arab Army and the National Defense Forces of Syria. There doesn’t seem to be an end to this proxy war on Syria with continued fighting which is just as nasty and brutal as it was from the very beginning with foreign Jihadis continuously pouring into Syria? My question is how many of these fucking lunatics are there willing to die in Syria that continue to arrive. How are they being recruited? It is just astonishing that these foreign mercenary Jihadis continue arriving day after day.

Aleppo Syria 2009 Streets before Civil War

Syria War 2015. Insane Urban Clashes As The Alsafwa Islamic Brigade Fighting in Aleppo