Artificially inflated extortion prices in Japan

Out riding the bd-1 down by the river last night to blow off steam and frustration at my circumstances in Tokyo. Found a potential house to buy yesterday and after calling the house has been sold. The rental agencies in Japan are for lack of a better description extortion rackets really. The houses are designed and built to last from 25 to 30 years which is about when the extortion mortgages are paid off. But by then the houses are run down and dilapidated and chances are will have to be torn down and a new house built on the property. The property itself is worth usually three times the value of the house that is constructed on the property. After thirty years when the house is torn down or sold off, the same rental agency is still in business and receives again another hugely profitable return on the very same property. The houses are basically boxes built of cheap shitty materials and are extremely small with Japanese often saying they like small houses, but that argument is nothing but standard bullshit that one can expect. Most prices on everything are maintained at extortion levels which doesn’t make any sense to me, not when the population in Japan is shrinking meaning fewer and fewer home buyers. How is it possible to maintain these extortion prices on homes in Japan when there are fewer and fewer Japanese to buy these homes? Out in the country side outside of Tokyo, the same home with more property can be picked up for 70 percent cheaper. The competition for the entire god damn population in Japan to seemingly want to live practically on top of train stations forces of the prices on homes to almost irrational prices. You have to be absolutely shitting me to put out US$340,000 for a tiny wooden box to live in with just enough space between houses to walk between? If someone who is an expert in capitalism could please explain this to me I am all f#cking ears.