Upset and niggardly Japanese people snitch on their neighbors

The Japanese people who live in the house in this image are located directly across from us and ever since this apartment complex was built, this Japanese couple have been upset their view has been blocked. They are so resentful that anytime someone living in this apartment complex temporarily parks their car within the vicinity out in front of their house, they immediately call the police. Imagine that? Snitching on neighbors who park their cars even if for a few minutes while running into their apartments and back out again on errands. The people who own that small black car live in this apartment unit and when they parked the car, they put the emergency flashers on indicating they would be leaving soon. Two female police show up and ticket them. That fine is US$150.00 roughly, or ¥15,000. This isn’t the first time these niggardly Japanese have done this either. This goes on continuously. So much now that people living in this apartment complex are intimidated from parking their cars on the street for even a few minutes while running errands. I park my car to run errands as well and if those fuckers across the street call the police on me they are going to receive some serious shit.