3D printing houses in Japan

Have often wondered if there would be something I could devote myself to while living in japan competing with the Japanese as a foreigner. Over the years, 3D printing has attracted me, whether or not jut another passing attraction is probably correct for my own circumstances, but at least I can entertain the thought of 3D printing homes in Japan. Of course, knowing the Japanese a company is already on top of this. If this is already underway in japan it certainly won’t involve me.

What about 3D printed homes? When can I have my next house 3D printed?

3D printed houseBy the year 2020. In fact, I had the pleasure of speaking to the inventor of Contour Crafting, Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis, the other week. This technology utilizes a lightweight, large-scale, mobile 3D printer to construct homes using a variety of materials. Khoshnevis told us that he has quietly been making a tremendous amount of progress and that the printer is now able to print concrete exterior walls, insulation, and even drywall. The first machines will hit the market within just 2 years, he told us, and he expects widespread home construction via Contour Crafting within just 5 years. He is currently even working on ways to have the machine do finishing work such as paint and trim.

With an expected price of $200,000 or more, these machines will require a significant capital expenditure from construction companies; however, they would likely pay for themselves in a few years based on labor cost savings.

Animation of Contour Crafting in whole house construction (high res)