More Insights into the “breakaway civilization” and the “parallel system of finance”

This information came from Catherine Austin Fitts’ web site the Solari Report discussing the “breakaway civilization” being developed and articulated by herself, Joseph P. Farrell and Richard Dolan. News reports appear of the outrageous greed almost daily like Wall Street turning into a gambling casino that is rigged using advanced algorithms and what is known as “high speed trading”. Does this irrational greed follow up the chain all the way to these elites who are preying on the financial system who have also taken it underground as articulated by Joseph P. Farrell. I am a huge fan of Joesph P. Farrell and have eleven of his many books that have been published on this subject as well as Nazi technology. Question: Where is all the Nazi loot?

From the
Solari Report

The Holcroft Covenant Trailer