Japan is a creditor nation which few people seem to realize

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Ukraine in June, 2015, and made a pledge to Ukraine of ¥150 billion in aid to Ukraine. What exactly this financial assistance from Japan of ¥150 billion will be applied to for Ukraine isn’t exactly known. Then again, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was is in Africa where he pledged ¥100 billion to Sahel in “humanitarian and development assistance.” Here is another example of Japan pledging more money, this time US$35 billion for the city of Ganga in China? China doesn’t have enough of their own money to invest in Ganga? If this isn’t enough, Japan has also promised US$460 million (¥55 billion) in financial aid to other countries in the Pacific. If the Japanese government is broke and the country of Japan is in debt like we’ve been constantly hearing and reading about in the news, where in the hell is Japan coming up with all this money to provide to other countries including Ukraine? What exactly is all this money from Japan pledged against? What is the collateral being used to secure these large amounts of money being promised by Japan? As it turns out, the idea that Japan is broke is a myth, it is another concoction to misdirect people in their attitudes towards Japan. These loans are being issued against one of the biggest banking operations in the world, the Japanese Post Bank. The wealthy elite connected to Japan’s banks and financial houses and large corporations are wealthier than people can even imagine. For the average Japanese though, it is more of the same thing: getting harassed by the Japanese police for every traffic infraction imaginable and fined, not to mention taxes at every level of society. How do we explain this as this article attempts to do, that if Japan is broke, how is it Japan is bailing out Europe?