Japan’s Prince Chichibu visits Britain (1926) and Germany (1937) before WWII and during Operation Golden Lily

Emperor Hirohito’s younger brother, Prince Chichibu, visits Germany and Britain during the two world wars to conclude agreements on Japan being tasked with looting east Asian countries including China of its gold, silver, other precious metals, jewelry and art. What other conclusion after reading much of the available alternative history would one possibly come to? In the below clip, Prince Chichibu is being taken for a flight in a G 1303 biplane in 1926 in Britain. Can’t help but come to the decision Prince Chichibu did returned to Japan and consulted with Mitsubishi for constructing the Japanese Zero for the planned war?

Out Takes / Cuts From Prince Chichibu In G 1303 (1926)

Prince Chichibu was educated in England and spoke fluent English. He was in Britain as shown in this video clip with his wife Setsuko. Princess Setsuko Chichibu was born in Walton-on-Thames in England. Her father, Tsuneo Matsudaira (1877–1949) was the Japanese ambassador to the United States (1924) and later to Great Britain (1928). The connections to Britain are just astonishing to consider when the horrendous violence that enveloped Japan in the closing days of WWII? The British Royal Family and the Japanese Royal Family had these remarkable connections and yet, these royal houses couldn’t prevent the bloodshed that erupted in the Pacific between 1939 and 1944?

Prince ChichibuPrince Chichibu (1902-1953)

My guess is these royal houses never intended to prevent WWII, but rather encouraged war which is the conclusion I have come to after reading Peggy and Sterling Seagrave’s book “Gold Warriors.” According to Prince Chichibu’s bio, he “enjoyed a good rapport with the British Royal Family.” A rapport so solid that the British Royal family could discuss with a representative of the Japanese royal family, in this case Prince Chichibu, Japan’s participation in looting China in what Sterling and Peggy Seagrave impeccably researched in their book “Gold Warriors?” What I find interesting is that Prince Chichibu was part of the Swiss-Japan Friendship Society and the British-Japanese Friendship Society. In the Seagrave’s book Gold Warriors, Sterling Seagrave makes the case that some of the gold taken out of the Philippines was shipped to Switzerland to the USB Bank.

Prince And Princess Chichibu (1937)

Then in 1937, Prince Chichibu arrived in Germany. Prince Chichibu was given a glimpse into the rising German Nazi state and probably signed agreements with the Germans.

Japan Prince visit to Nuremberg 1937 秩父宮親王の訪独

What agreements did Prince Chichibu sign with Britain and Germany prior to WWII and all the while Japan was in China searching for treasures and bringing back to the Philippines as a staging location for further transport back to Japan. What was Prince Chichibu shown when he was in Britain and Germany?