Tracking down all the gold out of the Philippines

Over the past several weeks I have been looking at different video clips related to gold and became quite interested in this subject so my interest was taken further with the following. The video immediately below is done by Karen Hudes who discusses briefly the subject of what is known as the “Marcos gold”. What we are trying to do here is determine the accuracy and honesty of the existence of this gold which allegedly has been  stored in the Philippines held in a trust set up by Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines. Contrary to what people know about Ferdinand Marcos’ relationship with the Japanese during the war, he was at it turns out an agent of the Japanese.


The following is some material on the Marcos gold which might be good to read to get some background information on this alleged gold. The question now is did this gold in the Philippines originate from Japan’s Operation Golden Lily, or is this gold from what is referred to as the “Tallano gold?” Talano gold it is reported was gold that was collected by the Maharlika Royal family of the Philippines. The story here goes that in 1934, under Pope Pius XII, the Vatican negotiated with the member of the Filipino Royal Family, the Christian Tallano clan in Maharlika. An agreement was allegedly reached in which 640,000 metric tons of the Tallano gold would be lent to the Pope. This gold was then supposedly transferred to the Vatican. Is transferring 640,000 tons of gold even possible. Is there any proof or documentation or the names of any ships that must have been used to transfer this large amount of gold? This was part of that gold accumulated by the Southeast Asian Srivijayan/Madjapahit Empire during its glorious reign of 900 years. Srivijayan was part of Indonesia at the time which I haven’t read too much about, but I suppose this gold was part of the gold that the Japanese picked up and consolidated in the Philippines during Golden Lily.

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The following is an interesting clip in which Karen Hudes introduces Wolfgang Struck, a German banker who was with UBS Bank. This is an interesting turn of events; because according to Sterling and Peggy Seagraves, UBS Bank in Switzerland is alleged to be holding a certain amount of gold taken out of the Philippines from a vast pool of gold looted by the Japanese in their Operation Golden Lily. A trust was set up by Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines according to Karen Hudes, and Wolfgang Struck is apparently the authorized signatory of this trust. Karen Hudes also mentions that Wolfgang Struck has been releasing documentation related to this gold. Wolfgang Struck lives in the Philippines.

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Another clip of Karen Hudes this time an interview discussing the Marcos gold.

WEALTH for HUMANITY (Ferdinand Marcos Gold)

In this short ebook, another aspect of gold in the Philippines is briefly discussed related to the Maharlika Kingdom.

In this interview with Karen Hudes, she makes the claim that tons of gold is sitting in the Philippine central Bank.

Facts: Philippines is the richest Country.

So, what was George Bush referring to exactly when he gave the following answer to the question: President George Bush was asked this question: Which is the riches country in the world today? With a smile he said: “The Philippines.”

September 20, 2014


Philippines is “Riches Country in the World!” There are 950,000 metric tons of gold ( declared missing in the International Court of Justice in Hague) picked up by Yamashita from its European ally Hitler, and another 250,000 metric tons of the Japanese loot around Southeast Asia are both now in the Philippines. Very few Filipinos knows this. (Wall Street Journal, November 15, 1985 issue wrote: “Two thirds of all the gold in the world is in Philippines and one third is divided among the rest of the countries of the world”); during a talk show on U.S. television, the week following the bombing of the New York Twin Towers, President George Bush was asked this question: Which is the riches country in the world today? With a smile he said; “The Philippines.” In a US TV interview as well with President barrack Obama, in his “700 Billion USD stimulus funds” for US economy, he was asked a question where will he get the billion dollar substantial funds needed and quoted saying: “We have friends outside the US who will support us”.

Gold Warriors excerpts:

Banquet for the Prince Chichibu in Germany in 1937. Prince Chichibu was given oversight of Operation Golden Lily because the Japanese royal family knew that the Japanese Imperial Officers including General Yamashita would obey without question Emperor Hirohito who was Prince Chichibu’s older brother.

Prince Chichibu






In this image (SS202-March 1942-Unloading) 20 tons of gold bars taken out of Corregidor banks being offloaded this submarine. What seems really odd that none of this gold or its shipment have ever been mentioned in most studies of WWII. What was the origin of this gold and where exactly did it end up at? What right did the Americans have to remove this gold from the Philippines?  USS Trout (SS-202) unloads gold to USS Detroit (CL-8), March 1942 in Hawaii. After doing some reading this gold transfer looks like it was carried out in Hawaii.

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