Beautification cause of Frey Andrew Bertie of the Knights of Malta

Alright, come on, what is really going on here? What kind of esoteric laws do these guys go by the rest of us are not privy to? I basically live a life that is described as the kind of life Bertie is living and I’m not even recognized by the local cockroaches when I enter my kitchen. It seems as though the Catholic Church is going to open the beautification cause of Fra Andrew Bertie highlighted in this video clip of the Knights of Malta. I’ve worked hard my entire life, I’ve been diligent and conscientious, have never knowingly injured anyone and am honest in my affairs. Can the beautification cause be started on me? The one aspect of watching these clips here is that this is all an allusion. It’s sort of like watching a movie and because there is a certain aspect of entertainment about this the mind gets neutralized focusing on the allusion. What would be interesting to see is how these knights are financially supported? Where do their expense accounts get forwarded to for payment? What kind of credit or debit cards do they use while traveling all over the world visiting these different countries like Grand Master Matthew Festing did when he visited the Philippines this past March, 2015? Who picked up the tab on his hotel, transportation and food bills? Where does the money come from to pay for their elaborate uniforms when they attend official functions at the Vatican? Is this being of the “faith and poverty?” And that’s another thing too, this idea or concept of faith? To my way of thinking that “faith” concept is absolutely preposterous. What are these knights depositing (banking term) their “faith” in?

Knights of faith and poverty