John L. Casey, the coming “dark winter”, the US$22 billion “global warming” scam and the “decarbanators”

This is a continuation of the previously published post in which I’ve stated “we’re going to be freezing our asses off” which is contrary to the “global warming” scam running up to an alleged US$22 billion amount. Look at all the elitist organizations and banks that stand behind “global warming” and that may offer a clue. Instead of calling these scientific elitists at such organizations as the World Bank, Deutsche Bank, the Royal Society in the UK, the Club of Rome, and a few other elitist organizations pushing “global warming”, I prefer to call them “decarbanators” because of their drive to reduce carbon emissions re: depopulation (the decarbanators). This is a short clip introducing John Casey’s book Dark Winter. Pull over the wool clothing and toss some wood into the fire because it is going to be a bone chilling summer…

The Dark Winter:30-Year Cold Spell will Strikes Earth

Dark Winter

Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell