Let’s get a qualifying statement from this brainless twit why she “hates Americans and America”

Not being one to offer a lot of social commentary and opinion about events transpiring in our lives, this shit caught my attention. Watch this chick make sly comments about America. In some respects she is probably right for saying what she did, however, she doesn’t qualify her commentary or the motivation for saying what she did, “I hate Americans; I hate America.” Alright, fine, a lot of Americans “hate” America – the way things currently are. The thing I hate though, are stupid fucking brainless Americans buying Ariana Grande music – it’s not even “music” – and paying money to go to her concerts. Pay me, Ariana Grande, and I will go to all your concerts worshiping you like a brainless moron. Then, after tonguing her boyfriend, Ariana Grande, asks: “What the fuck is that,” apparently referring to donuts she is about to order. If this pop star twit making money hand over foot was concerned about obesity and the other concerns she has, here’s a question: What was she doing in the donuts shop in the first place? Here’s the article and the clip:

Ariana Grande Spit on Donuts That Were Sold to Customers, Was “Rude”, Says Shop Manager

Ariana Grande — Tongues New Boyfriend & Donuts!!