Quantum computing, CERN and the company D-Wave

The past couple of days started taking a look at the CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) project in Europe where the world’s most expensive piece of machinery has been built coming out of WWII in 1952 to allegedly find the “God particle.” Since I don’t think that is what CERN is about, I started looking around at quantum computing and discovered a company in Canada called “D-Wave” that seems to be connected to CERN. Here are two introductory video clips to the company D-Wave. I am also starting to consider the idea as to why Israel, the US and NATO countries don’t want Iran messing around with nuclear power. It isn’t about Iran threatening Israel with a nuclear bomb, it is about Iran having the ability to study nuclear phenomenon similar to what is going at CERN.

D-Wave Lab Tour Part 1 (of 3) – The Infrastructure of the D-Wave Quantum Computer

D-Wave Lab Tour Part 2 (of 3) – Inside the D-Wave Fridge