Our Electrically Scarred Moon | Space News – the plasma universe and electric arcs

The electric universe for me seems the best explanation for the existence of the universe we live in and taking a look at the available evidence through sources for example from thunderbolts.info who continue to provide further evidence. This video clip was released on July 8, 2015 offering reasons for the number of craters on the moon caused by plasma arcs that raked the moon’s surface at one point in our planetary development. Image electric arcs moving across the surface of the moon causing the scarring and craters as explained in this brief video clip. This brings into question my wanting to know what exactly powers the sun becuase from what I’ve been reading and viewing, the sun’s power isn’t generated from a nuclear source. It seems to be powered by plasma but from where does that plasma source originate?

Our Electrically Scarred Moon | Space News