The sun is not what we have been told – the electric universe and plasma

Suspect the Jesuits are partly behind covering up the plasma, or electric universe theory. One of the best minds on the subject about the sun is Eric Dollard. Eric says the “sun is going dead.” The Jesuits have known this since the Renaissance between the 14th and 15th century it seems through the Jesuit Athanasius Kircher, at least this is what Danny Wilten alleges in some of his well done discussions. The entire history from that point forward is falsified including science – most of it anyway. Eric Dollard further states the “sun is reconfiguring for a cold dead cycle” which corresponds to John Casey’s research into global cooling and not “global warming.”

Eric Dollard: The Sun Is Not What We Have Been Told (2013)

Eric Dollard states later that science doesn’t know what powers the sun (there is no fusion in the sun; it’s a transformer; it is empty and acts as a converter); because it damn sure isn’t nuclear fusion like we’ve been told to think. Further investigation reveals that Danny Wilten has discovered through Jesuit writings and historical spinning and through esoteric art, the sun is probably powered by a plasma arc originating out of the Orion nebula. Have a look at Danny Wilten’s video below:

Danny Wilten – Our Electric Sun Is Powered Externally By Orion Nebula Trapezium

We’ve got some historical issues coming forth for resolution here and so unless we get it right by agreeing on a few historical truths here we’re all going to end up on the short end of a Jesuit stick here. So what is going on with the sun? Is it powered by a plasma arc originating from the Orion Nebula? Is the sun going into a cyclical shutting down resulting in a cold spell lasting upwards of thirty years? Are the bankers using the global warming scam to enforce austerity on the world’s population?