Vaccinations: delivery systems for delivering the 3rd strand DNA

In the previous post a recent article written by Jon Rappoport was published discussing the almost “maniacal” drive to mandate vaccinations all across the globe. The discussion centers around the fact that vaccinations are possibly being used as a carrier of something far different than ingredients for preventing disease. If the global elite operating through banks as discussed in their own policy papers on global population are to be studied carefully, what difference would it make to them if one third of the earth’s population were knocked off with a disease? Wouldn’t these global financial/banking elite find it conducive with their plans to allow a disease of some type that would potentially eliminate for example one-third of the population?  Why the unremitting total devotion and uncompromising determination backed with multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical corporations drive to vaccinate? The following quoted material may offer one possible explanation for this drive to vaccinate people. This material came from the newly started web site VTN which readers are highly encouraged to go visit and read this cutting edge information on the CERN project (which has been in construction since 1952), quantum computing, possible DNA manipulation and using CERN to tunnel through the different levels of existence in the universe as hard as this is to at first accept.

There are a couple of delivery systems that will be used to deliver the 3rd strand DNA to the human population chemtrails and vaccines. Chemtrails or aerosol spraying contains nanoparticles and heavy elements, which we have all inhaled and ingested. There are several purposes behind the use of chemtrails. One is its ability to increase the effectiveness of electromagnetic waves. The metal particulates are used to generate plasma by hitting those particulates by a “space-based laser. And according to Anthony Patch, they do want to create a plasma conduit to bring in those entities from Saturn. The chemtrails will be used to activate the 3rd strand via satellites, GWEN towers, or some other type of external means.

Vaccines are as many of you are aware of, contain mercury and squalene, where vaccines cause several problems, including autism. The crimes committed by the CDC, such as the Tuskegee Experiments. What they would like to do is create a worldwide pandemic, which will scare people demanding vaccines, and criminalizing people who are anti-vaccine. Ebola was a test run. However, the people may not even have to demand it.

According to Dr. Rima of Natural Solutions, the World Health Organization is a privately funded NWO globalist Organization funded by the pharmaceutical industry. In 2007, the World Health Organization had 184 countries sign an agreement in an annual meeting. This agreement states that if the WHO declares a level 6 or a level 3 Emergency unilaterally that they are empowered to take over the governments of a country a region a planet. All world governments would revert to the World Health Organization. This power gave without any oversight. Signed on June 4, 2007.