A.I. is bending the human species stripping us of free will

In the previous post a video was presented on how Barack Obama was pictured holding up his index finger suggesting this was an indication of “Shahad”, one God under Islam. The suggestion is that perhaps this is further indication of the group mind being processed into the “hive mind”. Almost as if religion is being used here to meld Islam into the world’s remaining population where all people will become an individual  “node” in a much larger “hive.” This constant merger into ONE.

Here is an interesting article discussing AI (artificial intelligence) and how computers are moving relentlessly into every aspect of our lives. On a deeper level, I can’t help but think how all this technology is being reincarnated from some ancient civilization piece meal and we are becoming victims of our own hubris. Or perhaps even an alien presence well masked directing technology to turn every human on earth into a node for this hive mind that is being constructed through AI.

A.I. – Virtually Giving Our Humanity Away

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by Zen Gardner

Humanity is quite creative when it comes to abdicating its power and authority. Religion, royalty, politics, power figures, aliens, trans-dimensionals, they’re all game. We seem to give our authority away at the drop of some fancy hat, badge, extraterrestrial influence or newfangled technology.

Quite fundamentally pathetic.

This latest accelerated trend toward transhumanism and artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a sort of culmination of these inclinations, bestowing some sort of created synthetic centralized brain with the power to call the shots and thus relieve any accountability. It may not be everyone’s idea, but vast amounts of sleepers are walking into it with open arms.