Quantum computing will inevitably be weaponized

Here is a narration that almost sounds like science fiction but when a search is done on some of the connections named here  in this discussion, quantum computing is real and so is the company D-Wave that has commercialized quantum computing. Will this unstoppable quest for becoming “God” through quantum computing lead to our eventual destruction? Is there a place were average people can go to get a better layman’s understanding of where this technology is heading? What entities will ultimately control this technology when it is known that one of the largest financial firms in the world Goldman Sachs invests in the quantum computing company D-Wave which has connections to large defense contractors and DARPA? It is inevitable that this technology being spun off quantum (knowing the smallest particle in existence) computing is going to be weaponized. D-Wave’s co-founder and head scientist Eric Ladizinsky was at DARPA and Northrup Gruman. These guys want to “conquer nature.” What’s wrong with working with nature?

512 Qubit Quantum Computer, NSA Surveilance To Be Turned Over To AI Machines