Japan is sinking deeper into a social morass of uncertainty, fear and loneliness

Good insights in this interview and he is correct. Should meet up with him at some point? And the Japanese government recently pulled a fast one to take the Japanese people sideways related to Japan now made it “official” – demonstrates how governments can change laws to their will at any time – that the Japanese will now send their military troops outside of Japan to kill for America. This thoroughly upset the Japanese people themselves with thousands of Japanese out on the streets like he explained in front of the Japanese Parliament protesting this move to absolutely no avail. So what did the Japanese government do to appease them? They cancel the multi-billion dollar planned stadium they were going to build for the 2020 Olympics. This some how calmed them down.

He is not joking on that suicide rate either. It is crippling this society. Then in addition to the murders the endless road accidents which take additional numbers. Some Japanese mother had five consecutive babies and just went out and dumped them in the garbage. It was on the news last night. It is incomprehensible to me. A young 22 year-old college kid I used to work with on his way home from work on his motorcycle three weeks ago was killed when a taxi pulled out in front of him. On a personal level the carnage is all around me.

The fucking local governments skim off their taxes too at the municipal level which is nothing but extortion. It is criminal just to keep local bureaucracies in money. Then there is the damn Japanese police. They have all their revenue locations staked out knowing every tenth car through one of their intersection or underpass speed traps are going to pull in revenue all day long every day. It is just fucking appalling.

And television programming here is visual carnage. It is on a level of broadcasting for mental cripples who are permanent children. Endless stupidity and mindless bullshit programming while no news or real documentaries on Fukushima, on how TPP is going to rip this country apart, or on any serious contemporary issues facing Japan. And the Japanese themselves are separated from each other because of this un-economic brutal system here that pits them against each other in the market to compete against each other. Japanese men don’t even want to bother with women or sex anymore preferring “female” robots and dolls. I mean, wtf?

This place is in retrograde and unless turned around fast Japan will probably no longer exist in 50 years. For the first time in its history Japan went into negative birth rates in 2014 and that negative growth in population will continue.

And the landlord class here: predatory sons-of-bitches.

The Social Economic Enslavement Of Japan