Religion has been the catalyst to mobilize humanity and is culminating with CERN

The impression here is that religion has been the historical cover for something far deeper than almost all of humanity could even remotely fathom going on here on earth now culminating in man’s creation of quantum computing connected to CERN.  Will CERN attempt recreating the golden age? Think I’m nuts? There is a lot of argument about just exactly where the center of the earth is located but I am now for the first time looking at Jerusalem as being the axis mundi, or referred to as the “naval of the earth.” Here is a fascinating and detailed description of CERN and what some of the esoteric background is with CERN experiments which appear to be culminating in September, 2015. What if Jews have been used to return to Jerusalem to set up for CERN to connect the planets using the moon as to disperse plasma to the planets especially to Saturn.

CERN – End of Days: Major Update IV