The Greys as the “Off-World Network” and the Cockroaches of the Universe

After reading this information I am now wondering if the human genome project was designed to look for DNA markers of these species in the human DNA?

Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – Part 2 And the Origin of the Species and Source of Elite Power

Within just a few thousand light years of our solar system there is not just one higher order species apart from Homo Sapiens (Humanity) and Griseo Morbidus (Standard Greys) and the Griseo Altus (Tall Greys), but dozens of different higher order species, the most notable: Cerastis Sapiens (Horned Reptoids), the Android Scitus (Smart Androids), the Cyborg Sagax (Autonomous Cyborgs), the Serpens Sophos (Smooth Skinned Reptoids), the Volucris Permuto (Hybrid Bird Forms) the Homo Adamus (Early Humanoids), the Sapientia Mutatis (Transformed Wisdom Beings), the Mammaloid Sentientiae (Conscious Mammaloids) and the Serpens Alatus (Winged Reptoids) – all possessing DNA in some form and arrangement as the universal building block of life.

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