Quantum computing building nano diamonds

Quantum computing being able to be eventually used to build diamonds to store information permanently on diamonds as a team of researchers from TU Wien (Vienna) the National Institute for Informatics (Tokyo) and NTT Basic Research Labs in Japan have discovered. Their system — made up of mirrors, diamond and a nitrogen defect — can store one quantum bit of information: zero, one, or an arbitrary superposition of both bits. But usually such a quantum bit is apparently very unstable. This is what physicists have been trying to figure out: stabilizing these quantum bits. Diamond nanotechnology will be used in future technology if it isn’t already here. A quantum computer with the capacity to build diamonds from the quantum level for storing quantum bits:

Error correction procedures are needed to build a quantum computer that works reliably. “If error correction is used, a quantum bit cannot be stored in one single quantum particle any more. Instead, a complex architecture of interconnected quantum systems is required,” says Michael Trupke (TU Wien).

Diamonds are a quantum computer’s best friend

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