Rupert Sheldrake releases open sciences

Rupert Sheldrake Releases Open Sciences

SheldrakeI returned safely last week from my pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The power of the sacred places far exceeded my expectations,especially in the Old City of Jerusalem, by the Sea of Galilee and on Mount Tabor.

Today sees the launch of a new website – – which is a portal to the emerging sciences. It includes details of pioneering scientists, open-minded research centres and adventurous sources of funding, as well as a feast of interesting books, videos and papers. This project is organized by the Campaign for Open Science, of which I am a member, and grew out the Post-Materialist Summit in Tucson, Arizona. earlier this year. The site also provides an overview of some of the most important open questions in the sciences. Do take a look at it, and tell your friends!

Last month, I took part in a conference at the Sorbonne, in Paris, on the evolution of consciousness. My talk on Evolutionary Intelligence, together with the other talks at the conference, is now online in streaming audio The Evolution of Consciousness

Rupert Sheldrake