The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)

Demonstrates how much I have been paying attention to technology and how it is transforming our lives ultimately having a huge impact on how high tech companies especially in Germany  manufacture and how we will purchase products in the future. I have never heard of “Industry 4.0” before until yesterday when the term came across my computer screen while reading about technology and German manufacturing.

Project of the Future: Industry 4.0

Industry is on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. Driven by the Internet, the real and virtual worlds are growing closer and closer together to form the Internet of Things. Industrial production of the future will be characterized by the strong individualization of products under the conditions of highly flexible (large series) production, the extensive integration of customers and business partners in business and value-added processes, and the linking of production and high-quality services leading to so-called hybrid products. German industry now has the opportunity to actively shape the fourth industrial revolution. We want to support this process with the “Industry 4.0” forward-looking project.

The Recommendations for Implementation represent the final report by the “Industry 4.0” Working Group, which was set up in January 2012 under the chairmanship of Dr. Siegfried Dais (Robert-Bosch GmbH) and Prof. Henning Kagermann (acatech – German Academy of Science and Engineering). The Working Group was initiated by the KOMMUNIKATION Promoters’ Group of the Industry-Science Research Alliance (FU) in late 2011. Its purpose is to draft comprehensive strategic recommendations for implementing “Industry 4.0”. “Industry 4.0” was conceived as a forward-looking project under the Federal Government’s High-Tech Strategy, focussing on information and communication technology (informatics). It has been developed further to include production research and user industries.