Triangular Trade: Weapons; Drugs; Sex

In this mind blowing interview, Jim Willie describes how the primary benefactors of Greek debt are British, American and French arms contractors. He also describes how the creditors (banks) are “in bed with military contractors” obligating Greece to this enormous debt based on military weapons sales. As a result of this Greek debt to European banks, what has transpired through NATO, is a “quasi-military marital law government now ruling Europe.” This explains why the US has been moving its military and logistics into NATO countries. As Jim Willie says, “this is some really nasty ugly, ugly stuff and the US is all over this ugliness.”

On June 23rd, 2015, Queen Elizabeth arrived in Germany for a meeting with Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. From this meeting, Jim Willie asserts that Queen Elizabeth gave orders to Wolfgang Schäuble concerning the Queen’s stake in the Greek debt crisis. What is Queen Elizabeth’s interest in Greek’s debt crisis? It could be as Jim Willie asserts, to prevent Britain’s banks from failing and could go even deeper than this. Drug trafficking money is laundered through European banks and that amount is in the billions of dollars. Twenty-five years of narcotics (cocaine and heroine) trafficking and money laundering by the Queen of England through European and British banks. We can see once again from earlier investigations in Dope Inc., that this is what is now playing out with Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Germany.

Dope. Inc. Britain’s Opium War Against the World

Most of what we are witnessing being played our here is really an insolvency war and the narcotics trade (triangular trade: weapons and drugs being two objects of the triangle) with Greece being an extorted and brutalized country because it is not part of Europe. Greece’s language is different, Greece has a different alphabet, its customs are different and Greece’s religion is different as Jim Willie describes in this discussion. This all has the potential now to bring down entire nations because the leaders of these countries including the US and Britain, are not going to want to give up their narcotics bribery staying in line with the dollar. All these leaders are on the narcotics payroll. The US and Britain are using narcotics to maintain the dollar system. This is why this is turning so brutal as the US collapses. The war in Afghanistan was to capture the opium market, not to stop terrorism. The increase in heroine production is staggering and that heroin is coming to British and American cities.

It is important too to realize that narcotics are being smuggled into Iran to destabilize that country just as it is going on in Russia. Remember, narcotics is a weapon in triangular trade.

The first eighteen minutes of this discussion goes over Greek debt, American, British and French weapons manufacturers and narcotics:

I’m Doing Fine in a World that is Totally Surreal ~ Jim Willie, Part 2