Gregory Joseph Gumo arrested at Haneda Airport

Have a look at this American’s bio who was arrested at Haneda International Airport yesterday for being a suspect in the murder of a Japanese woman who was found floating in Kaojiro Bay in a cove in Miura, Kanagawa Prefecture wrapped in a sheet with a concrete block tied to the body. This American apparently met Mariko Akitaya online and would be willing to bet anything he probably seduced her. As it turns out, Gregory Joseph Gumo is married with three children and this looks to be confirmed by his bio on LinkedIn. If he murdered this Japanese woman and then tried leaving Japan, why would this guy leave his LinkedIn information up? In his bio he said he “needed time with family”. Meanwhile, he looks to have seduced this Japanese woman online through some social networking site? So much for this guy’s “time with his family.”

I’m sort of wondering, is this the same Gregory Gumo at GOO Wikipedia. The age matches. So, who is this murder suspect, Gregory Joseph Gumo considering this news story including a picture of him? To Japanese girls, please, do not think you are getting ahead or are going to meet a man through social networking and not end up having to pay a price here. Last week, a Japanese man killed a woman on July 27th after they went back to his apartment in Fussa, Japan outside of Tokyo after going to a fireworks display. They met online as well.

Gregory Joseph Gumo LinkedIn background:



Helping others to bring cool concepts to life.

Specialties: Produce music events, festivals and concerts. Business development, fundraising and management of nightlife and entertainment businesses. Strategic business partnerships, Strong grasp on “now”. I am skilled in business development, project management, software engineering, and system administration. Preferred programming languages are PHP, C, Perl, Bash, preferred databases are any SQL database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MsSQL, Oracle DB, and MariaDB. Server and cluster planning, setup and management preferred server OS is Linux or Unix especially at home on Fedora / Cent OS / Red Hat Enterprise. Desktop environment, OS X or Linux is preferred but I am comfortable on Windows.

Looking for something new to do after taking a much needed break and time with the family.

I am open to opportunities so feel free to contact me.


2 thoughts on “Gregory Joseph Gumo arrested at Haneda Airport

  1. What is with your thought processes.. “seduced her”?

    Is this the Victorian age? People who meet on dating sites.don’t need to seduce each other. That’s already assumed and it’s why these sites are so creepy.

    • “Vatican seduction.” Now that is one I haven’t thought of. Good one. Back then folks had a pretty fucked up attitude towards sex didn’t they? Suppressed libidos are a nightmare. Sort of like Gumo. Seduction in the sense that it was for luring in for gratuitous sex and money? Getting something for nothing. Bet Mariko didn’t enjoy that too much did she?

      A Victorian era ploy by the wealthy elite. The married wealthy landlord out fucking chicks down at the corner whorehouse while the wife is home watching the kids and tending to the home. Shit, that’s pretty damn “Victorian” if you ask me? Except in Gumo’s case, his wife, or what we should consider at this point “ostensible wife”, had the money. A new title for a coming post: “Gregory Gumo gets his Victorian era libido squashed with a prison term”

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