Gregory Joseph Gumo’s narcissistic behavior and appearance

An article written on The Japan Times about this murder case being sent to the prosecutors office just appeared and after reading the article, a comment had been posted below just a few minutes ago which I found interesting because it is the same thing I suspected of Gregory Joseph Gumo. Don’t let Gumo’s LinkedIn self-promotional write-up fool anyone. Most of the self-promoting bios written on LinkedIn are utter bullshit. Here is the comment:

Some details not in this article: he [Gregory Gumo] was caught on surveillance camera with her [Mariko Aiktaya] at the scene of the crime. They caught up with him and stopped him at Haneda Airport Departures, where he was suspected of trying to flee to America.

Married with three kids, it is suspected that he met her on the internet and was trying to conceal an affair with her.

Bouncing around Singapore, Bangkok, and Japan with various non-permanent English teaching/proofreading jobs, he publicly claimed to be a entrepreneur/angel investor/IT consultant/social media expert.

GumoLook at Gumo’s image at LinkedIn carefully. If you are using LinkedIn to promote yourself and your business, would this be an appropriate picture to use? A selfie? He’s even holding the iPhone?! Read the comment above and the use of the expression “trying to conceal an affair with her.” Affair? Gumo was trying to get sex for nothing without paying for the consequences. I know Japanese women extremely well. They are not to be toyed with. They are extremely tenacious and take relationships very seriously. My bet is Mariko Akitaya was more than this narcissistic moron could handle. Japanese women are a handful and from the looks of Mariko’s images, I would say she stood up to my observations about Japanese women. Image how she felt finding out she had been just seduced by a part time English teacher and narcissist self-promoting “businessman”? Gumo claims he is “social media expert“, but if you go to his twitter page, he has only 212 he was following and 164 followers on twitter. That’s it for a “social media expert” being on twitter since 2009? That is some expert.

This Gregory Gumo is an absolute imbecile.  If my suspicions are correct, he seduces Mariko Akitaya online and then meets her for illicit sex telling her he is some important successful businessman and tech guru. She probably wanted to believe Gumo’s seduction which men almost invariably do when they over inflate their own capabilities and experiences with women especially with Japanese women. Then when Mariko Akitaya discovered Gumo was married with children, that must have jeopardized Gumo’s stability in Japan with his wife who apparently had a home and financial resources from working at Fujitsu. My bet is that was all financed by Gumo’s Japanese wife if she worked at Fujitsu when I think they met in Singapore. I suspect Gumo’s guilt was partially to blame for his premeditated murder of Mariko Akitaya. If this was per-meditated murder, this Gumo character doesn’t take down as much personal information about himself as he can? Or does he leave all of his personal information up to prevent drawing attention to himself. Then he is filmed on a surveillance camera with Mariko Akitaya and there is no getting out of that proof that he was with her the night she died. If anyone asks me this Gumo character is definitely fuuuuked.

GumoCan’t help but wonder if this is the selfie Gumo took of himself when he met Mariko Akitaya for the first time online? Is this the behavior of a 41 year-old man with a Japanese wife and three children? My God, what is Gumo’s wife going through right now? Is there anyone around to help her and her children through this?




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  1. I have some new photos of Greg Gumo. If you would like to recieve then let me know I only met him once and he is on my line list, that’s all. One time meeting was enough to think he was weird. So, I really dn’t know him yet I can give you photos of him which is not on any website.

  2. He is the guy who is being blamed for the cancellation of the 1world music festival in Singapore. He is being blamed as the reason for the cancellation of the event due to embezzlement. Maybe that is why his family moved back to Japan.
    Links after links, seems like he scammed a lot of people.

  3. This is what is coming across my radar as well. This guy has left a trail of destruction behind him. I am building a psychological profile on him and I have come to the conclusion narcissism has rooted firmly in his destructive behavior. Nothing on the internet related to him and made by him should be taken at face value. If he murdered this woman he just achieved “peek destructive performance.” It is tragic.

  4. I know a woman who dated him RIGHT before he dated the woman he killed, like literally months before. It feels weird to know she could have been his victim

    • The MO: “I know a woman who dated him RIGHT before….”

      So, this guy is ostensibly married with three children and he’s “dating”. His Japanese wife knew he was a complete failure and fraud. His wife was trapped. He was attempting to demonstrate to all these women he dated that he was somebody important when he was a self-loathing disturbed person. He was screaming out for somebody to give him recognition that he was important when his entire life was a failure. That is a very toxic history that led to what we have witnessed: self-destruction.

      It is sort of like a micro-macro socioeconomic study of this guy’s background and the shit he came out of in New York. I want to know what attracted him to Japan. There was a reason he went to Yokohama. He was/is (because he has been taken off the streets) a seriously and deeply disturbed individual. It is extremely unfortunate that he wasn’t interdicted before that Japanese woman called his bluff and he likely killed her.

  5. Why do you think Gumo was self-loathing? I think he was just the opposite of self-loathing. He loved himself. He is a narcissistic, arrogant, selfish man whose every action showed that he cared only about himself. Self-loathing? Not really.

  6. There is extensive writing in the professional liturature of the structure of NPD. Some but not all sufferers have issues with self-hatred. Maybe that is what BD-1 is talking about here.

    • Basically yes, but in Gumo’s case after sharing emails with people to get a better understanding of his past, NDP can veer off in any direction imaginable with a lot of ugly results.

  7. I think Dexter is referring to the contradiction between Gomo’s outward narcissism and inward self-loathing. Only someone with an understanding of psychology would understand that inside the narcissist usually lurks a self-hater. IMO, Gumo the narcissist is obvious. That his nariccism is driven by self-hatred is speculation. A trained psychologist, only after extensive observation would be in a position to make this diagnosis with any certainty. BD might be right about this though.

    • Yes, and I cannot reveal what has been shared with me through email with people who know him out of respect and confidentiality. I know far more than what I am commenting on, so if it seems contradictory and not clear, excuse me. In Gumo’s case he obviously has a really confused and extremely dysfunctional view of himself and of the people and circumstances he finds himself in. It is really perverse.

  8. I would agree, he definitely has some psychological problems. In your opinion, are psychological problems an excuse for lying and hurting and stealing and scamming and being a general scumbag? Many famous NPDs in history have been just this. They have rained down pain and havoc on those near them but have been great leaders and producers of good in society. The question remains though, is he a murderer? You tend to think that he might have helped her along with the pills. Correct? I am lately thinking maybe he is not a murderer and this most recent police report/news story is indicating to me that they are having a hard time piecing together an airtight case for murder.

    • Excuse? Only in liberal countries where the laws are compromised. There is a huge difference between people with narcissistic personality disorders and psychopaths.

      I’ve stated all along he is not a murderer. Look at the MO of this case where he conveniently wraps her in a vinyl sheet and dumps her in the cove like conveniently discarded Thursday morning “moeru gomi.” I’ve looked at this guys background, in every case where he has been involved in scamming people, bullshitting them, or exaggerating his circumstances to garner undeserved recognition and then discovered for his fraudulent borderline criminal behavior, he has run away. Same with Akitaya. He created the problem and then tried to run from the disaster he created. He ran so god damn far he even got to the departure lounge of Haneda Airport.

      He is a coward. He doesn’t have the profile to murder anyone. It’s not in him. On a very deep level a completely dysfunctional and profoundly fucked up human being. He’s been able to pull off all his bullshit in Japan all this time because the Japanese associated with him would never have the capacity to comprehend his behavior and actions.

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