Images of Mariko Akitaya on the internet

These are a couple of images I was able to capture of Mariko Akitaya from several other blog’s reporting her death. This Japanese woman in my guess was on her way through life and at 42 years-old was probably thinking seriously of marriage. If Mariko Akitaya and Gregory Joseph Gumo met online through some social networking site, my guess is she was seduced by this Gregory Gumo character. I know Japanese women very well and they have a certain naivete that is often taken advantage of by western men, and from my experience especially American men. I can’t help but consider the very real plausibility that if this was my daughter and she was seduced by some married guy looking for sex on the side then murdered I would probably catch up with him and kill him. If they met online is this the image Mariko provided Gregory Gumo? Imagine a man receiving an image of a woman in a bikini in such a provocative pose? If it was me I would be instantly aroused from the erotica of the pose.

MarikoMarkio Akitaya in the same bikini which looks to be at the same location as the picture below. Did she provide these images to Gregory Gumo after they met online? What were Gregory Gumo’s motivations for meeting this woman. Sex? Friendship? A relationship without Gregory Gumo’s wife knowing about it?

SAkitayaThis is a very attractive Japanese woman. The erotic pose here suggests she was trying to attract attention to herself and that is precisely what she received from Gregory Gumo.