Mariko Akitaya found floating in a cove wrapped in a brown sheet

From what I have been able to learn so far, is that Gregory Joseph Gumo met Mariko Akitaya on an online social networking site of which type I’m don’t know. The media mentioned the name of the site on a television news broadcast but the name wasn’t clear when the report was given. I have read that it was a site for singles looking for dates. If that is the case, and given the fact that this Gregory Gumo is married with three children, that indicates to me he was likely looking for a little “activity” on the side. And considering his biography, entertainment was an area he worked in. That and as was also noted: “night life.” On Gregory Gumo’s Linkedin page, he had a statement indicating he “had spent time with his family.” Isn’t clear if Gregory Gumo’s wife knew whether or not her husband was seeing Mariko Akitaya. Maybe his wife did know and now Gregory Gumo was spending time with his family to make up for his seeing Mariko Akitaya without his wife knowing about it. I am wondering how long ago he met Mariko Akitaya online and how many times did they meet? This will all come out in future posts as updated information and news is released, Did they have sex? How often and where? The news said Gumo was unemployed? Where was he getting the money to spend time with Mariko Akitaya? Was Gumo living off the financial resources of his wife?

Mariko Akitaya

Mariko Akitaya

Mariko Akitaya appeared to be an attractive 42 year-old woman. Wonder what her response was when she found out this Gregory Gumo was married with three children? Most women I would assume would become extremely upset and probably emotionally unpredictable if they were to  find out they have been involved in a sexual relationship with a married man with children, especially a Japanese woman as I know them; because they have a lot empathy for the wife and children of the man who seduced her. Kind of makes me think Mariko Akitaya threatened to tell Gregory Gumo’s wife, and this Gregory Gumo, as he said himself was currently unemployed, might have been fearful of losing his financial dependence on his wife not to mention a car and a house.

Was he dependent on his wife for financial support in Japan, and when Mariko Akitaya threatened exposure did he murder her to prevent his financial support from his wife from being compromised? Seems to me he had to make a choice here. Gregory Gumo apparently worked at Fujitsu in Singapore which is a Japanese company, and I’m wondering if he met his Japanese wife at Fujitsu while together in Singapore? Was Gregory Gumo’s wife still working at Fijitsu after returning to Japan?

How sad. This beautiful 42 year-old woman is murdered after being given some type of a drug which caused her to lose consciousness. She was then wrapped in a brown vinyl sheet with a nylon rope tied around her and a concrete block, then tossed into a cove where she suffocated (drown on ocean water) all because she was seduced on a social networking site by a married man. Will try to determine what social networking site it was and the name of the site. If this is per-meditated murder on Gregory Gumo’s part this guy is in for a difficult time rationalizing or coming up with a reason for his actions.