News clip on Gregory Joseph Gumo’s arrest in Tokyo

What I don’t understand is how do you get arrested for the charge of “abandoning a body?” Wouldn’t it be arrested for suspicion of murder instead? What did Gregory Joseph Gumo do, find the body then dump it in the ocean therefore “abandoning the body?” The thing about this case is that after it has been in the news, from this point forward no one will know what happened in this case? Was Mariko Akitaya murdered? Did she wrap herself in a sheet and then tie a concrete block around herself and then somehow manage to jump into the cove? Did this character murder her then toss her into the cove? If he murdered her he had nine days before the police caught up with him. That is some remarkable police work. They probably went through all her personal documents and cell phone which had Gregory Joseph Gumo’s pictures of him with her. Not too smart I would say, especially if this character was married and he’s out dicking this Japanese babe with pictures being taken with her.

American man arrested for abandoning body of woman found in Kanagawa bay

Japan Times
Aug 7, 2015

Police arrested an American man Thursday on suspicion of abandoning the body of a woman found last week in a cove in Miura, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Gregory Joseph Gumo, 41, who lives in Yokohama and says he is unemployed, allegedly abandoned the body of Mariko Akitaya, 42, from Tokyo, on or around July 28 in Koajiro Bay. He has denied the allegation, the police said. Akitaya was identified through DNA testing.

A local resident found the body of the woman, who was wearing a dress, floating in the cove around 20 to 30 meters offshore on July 29.

神奈川・三浦市女性遺体 押収したPC調べ、殺人容疑でも捜査へ(15/08/07)