Sad music for the wife of Gregory Joseph Gumo

This murder has me more intrigued the more I start looking around online. It is just astonishing what one can find online on people which is all open source information. I went to twitter and apparently, Gregory Joseph Gumo has two twitter accounts, so I took a look through those people following him on twitter and found his wife’s twitter account. I think this is Gregory Gumo’s wife, Ayumi Gumo. Somebody please tell me I am wrong and this isn’t Gumo Japanese wife? If this is his wife can anyone least of all me imagine why he would risk hurting and compromising this incredibly beautiful Japanese woman? My God, this Japanese woman is beautiful. Is this Gregory Gumo’s wife? What in the hell is this Gregory Gumo thinking picking up and seducing Mariko Akitaya online when he has a wife like this and three children with her? Did he need that much adventure?

Ayumi Gumo

Ayumi Gumo

This is a screen shot taken of Ayumi Gumo’s twitter account. The account suggests she was in Singapore and so was Joseph Gregory Gumo, so this matches their bios. I am surprised this information hasn’t been taken down yet? What was going on between Ayumi Gumo and Gregory Gumo that Gregory would risk their marriage? Was Gregory Gumo just out looking for fun and sex? Granted, life in Japan as a foreigner, especially with a Japanese wife and children, is not something I would want any foreigner to have to go through as long as I have endured it, but why risk losing an incredibly beautiful wife like this.

twitterWell, Ayumi Gumo, if this is your picture and you are the wife of Gregory Gumo, you have my sympathy. I can’t imagine what you must be going through right about now with three children and your husband arrested and being brought up on murder charges? I can only leave you with some music I hope appropriate to ease the pain you must be going through.






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  1. Add insult to injury is the fact that this loser was in Japan and trying to be a player. He is a punk trying to be somebody when he was nobody. My guess is him and his wife were just living together and playing the part. Probably one of those infamous sexless marriages. Just because a woman is attractive it means little. For every beautiful woman there is someone not screwing her. Look at the guy. He is an over weight misfit. Kind of a charisma man in Japan but nothing in the U.S. Any women as attractive as his wife would only be with this loser because she was missing something upstairs. The children, I agree, totally innocent. And the victim’s family is totally innocent. His wife…who knows what she knew or didn’t know. Don’t presume based on her looks she was something greater than one might think. We don’t know. And that photo of her must be 10 years ago if not longer. Also, she is listed as a model…which she is not. A wanna be model maybe. I hope they hang this scum bag if he truly premeditated that poor lady’s death. Hang him high!

    • I hope people do not pass such negative comments upon you should you ever find yourself in such horrific event! Allow the justice systems do whatever it is they do is not too much to ask!! Or is it?

      People makes mistakes on the daily basis, the mistakes one cannot take back. If he indeed did the unthinkable (outside of the dumping of the body), the harsh punishment is inevitable,
      We get it, he is a scum (according to your baseless research?), still I find your negative comment is unnecessarily cruel.

  2. That is his wife. Greg used to frequent Captain’s, a tavern near Yokohama station, about 8 years ago and he was always fooling around on his wife back then. I thought he was a loose canon, so when he approached me about some web site development I stayed away. He was always a wannabe developer with no real enterprise experience, and his real day job was as an editor for a publisher.

    I think he did it because he did have a controlling and violent streak in him.

    Totally disagree with the comment above, Gumo’s wife was totally into him and she was oblivious to what he was up to. However, correct that photo is dated by about 6-8 years.

    • Thanks, but what I’ve gone on to explain in subsequent posts, is that this is ongoing as we learn more about who this Gumo character really is. Not sure he had a “violent streak” because the MO on the murder doesn’t suggest that and neither does his past behavior. Personally, I think he is a coward and is taking revenge out on society based on his past and what I have learned about his history going back to when he was very young. If he was confronted in New York for his fraud, abusing women and unethical behavior, and had the shit kicked out of him to set him straight, he probably would not have ended up in the circumstances he now finds himself in.

      His wife was not “totally into him” and was rather fully aware of his seducing woman. Her LINE messages confirm this.

    • My best guess, based on knowing other Japanese women married to gaijins or anyone for that matter, Gumo’s wife could not stand him over time. Probably stayed together out of mutual need financially and family (kids). She probably knew him better than anyone, and to know this misfit or live with him must have taken a toll. Not sure about the kids though. But best to leave them out if it; they have much to deal with now and more so in time.

      Gumo is a dime a dozen westerner that you can find throughout Asia; to include Japan. He is akin to that little man who comes from the west a bit fractured in mind and body, and once in the Far East becomes Charisma Man (the book). And then it is on to build the ego and keep it large. The advent of the Internet and web dating sites, over the past decade, made that even more viable.

      One thing for sure is this guy planned this whole thing. Premeditation. And that is not a normal mind at work. Once they connect the drug he gave her; it is all over. My guess is the motive is money based on his past dealings. He kept his grasp on her by using marriage as a weapon on a woman probably desperate for marriage at age 42. In time, it was her money running out and probably her patience too. That psycho knew he had gotten in large and figured there was jus tone way out. That makes him a coward. I would like to know what kind of VISA he was on. If he wasn’t employed then either he was a tourist, had permanent residence, or was dependent on a spouse VISA. The latter would add to motive if he wanted to be in Japan. No wife, no VISA.

      So, lets not say this guy was anything other than a two bit punk, suffered from self esteem issues, maybe even self loathing. And ultimately took his self hatred out on an innocent and naive young woman.

      I can imagine his wife’s thoughts; like he could have killed me she must think. Maybe my children. If so, she is right. People like Gumo are not like the res of us. They are real life monsters who prey on the weak and defenseless in oh so many ways.

      • I agree on Gumo’s wife rapidly losing patience with him. It was going critical. She had no where to turn for help. I know a bit about his history when he was in the U.S. from several sources who wish not to be identified so this puts me at an advantage when commenting and writing on this murder. The idea he had three children with this Japanese woman and then he stuck around is actually a first for Gumo. In this sense that is a credit to his Japanese wife. That leads me to think then that he didn’t want to leave for several reasons: Spouse VISA would be revoked; dependent on his wife for her and her children’s modelling income; children; comfort of a home with access to internet; laziness (he does not have a history of stable work or income; work for him was a lowly profession); he loved fishing and he had access to the ocean through Koajiro Bay.

        Read this: A drive to Atami to calm down and think – and then…

        The second paragraph that you commented on only confirms this is how he acted and behaved in New York before he arrived in Japan. He extended his trail of fraudulent businesses; abusing women; drugs; alcohol; working in clubs; scamming people on fraudulent internet businesses; seducing women (girls; his wife is ten years younger than he is); luring girls in on dating websites (boredom with being in Japan which I discussed in several posts); fraudulently promoting music and party events; embezzlement(?).

        After studying very carefully all the information available including police sources given to the media, boards with Japanese people commenting on this case, private email correspondence, internet news articles and Gumo’s internet forensic digital trail, I do not think he planned this murder other than “planning” what to do when he and Akitaya left Gumo’s home for Atami. I think he planned how to murder her while driving to and from Atami with her in the passenger seat. What I need to determine is if he was able to secure a flight for the U.S. that morning within such short notice.

        He was a very disturbed man before he arrived in Japan in late 2002. I have very good reasons why I know this and am prevented from going public. He wasn’t a psycho as some have claimed. He had a history of failure and he even failed miserably when he murdered this Japanese woman. The mistakes he made are too numerous to suggest it was premeditated.

        This guy is an aberration that seemed to now to have culminated in murder. Mariko Akitaya had to get murdered to end Gumo’s trail of carnage.

        Knowing his past he was exacting revenge on society and especially against women. I think there also existed some aspect of abuse, intimidation and threats against his wife to cooperate with him to a certain extent because of his wife’s connections to a company that was mentioned. I don’t want to discuss this at this point because I don’t want to publicly embarrass these connections of people involved. If this happened in the U.S. nobody would be able to remember this happening the day after it happened. Here in Japan there is going to be a lot of very embarrassing fallout. His wife and children have already lost their modelling income and I know Japanese will not help them. If I am wrong about all this I will take this all down but so far I have not received one comment suggesting otherwise.

      • Well, the fact that his victim was drugged tells me it was planned. You can explain the plastic tarp, rope, etc. to fishing gear and the like. However, most people don’t just walk or drive around with readily available sleeping pills, etc. Like I wrote, once they trace the drug found her system back to him…the premeditation will be obvious.

        You say his wife has income from modeling and the kids too. It doesn’t seem she was doing well at modeling based on no meaningful model composite on line or works for that matter. Also her age and kids work against her too. Maybe the kids worked for a few Tokyo model agencies? But that work is not steady or dependable. I know, because I do it.

        I thought his wife worked for Fujitsu?

        I agree with about the family may have a rough go of it in Japan. The shame factor alone would will be overwhelming. The kids have probably even had to leave their schools. And yes, there is not much assistant in the way of counseling and the like in Japan. Gaman is the way, as they say.

        I have to guess that the wife and children have always received much help from her family. My guess is they live very close.

        I have no doubt this was a planned murder. The fact she was drugged tells me that.

        It seems he had the opportunity; no doubt the means. Only question is motive. That will tell all. And more than likely money.

      • Thanks for engaging me. It helps me organize scenarios here.

        My bet is Akitaya had her sleeping medication with her and that Gumo at some point saw her take the medication while they were driving. Remember, I think he put this murder together while driving with her to and from Atami. They were seen together numerous times during two days including in a restaurant and a convenience store in Yokohama. Plenty of opportunity for Gumo to obtain the medication out of her purse or hand bag and slip it to her in something she ate or drank. That confirms why the police found the same medication in her apartment in Meguro when they investigated as being the same medication found in the autopsy. They were both tired because they drove to and from Atami probably leaving for Atami late Monday night the 27th. He was being coy with Akitaya to get her out of the house where Akitaya was in what seems to have been a pretty intense quarrel. Look at the video footage. The guy was a total wreck: long unkempt hair; T-shirt; tired; warn out; looked frayed all over after being arrested. That was one helluva an exhausting night for being a “premeditated” murder.

        He spent time fishing and kayaking in Koajiro Bay so it wouldn’t be that unusual for him to have purchased the brown tarp and nylon rope a month earlier. While driving he had a thought: “Yeah, I can wrap her in the tarp and rope I bought for kayaking last month.” He was too exhausted to think that it could be traced back to him from where he bought the tarp and rope. He might have thought of how to dispose of her body once he had sedated her into unconsciousness. She herself was probably exhausted from the quarreling, the long drive, not sleeping and maybe even alcohol. That medication is addictive. All he had to do is up the tablets by a few and WHAM!; it was enough to knock her clean out for hours. Then he is alone in the car in Miura. What did he do? Drive alone to Miura that night and then back home to catch a flight. Akitaya was in the back of the car and my guess is once he reached the cove, he wrapped her in the tarp then tied her up before dragging her to the boat he had secured knowing boats are available there where he was familiar with the area.

        The family live very close. My bet is from what I know of her family they were guarantors on the house they lived in.

      • Her family probably paid for the house. Japanese parents and especially grandparents are quite generous.

        Mr. Gumo was unemployed, basically, over a year after coming back to Japan. Before that in Singapore for sometime…not a cheap place to live by far.. And if you have or are making good money; one usually does not try and scam others out of theirs. Or if your wife is making good money; you normally don’t mess with that meal ticket too. And kids going to International schools, if true, who the heck paid for that? All big money. And maybe there is the motive. Hope to God his wife isn’t a player in this too. That would be shocking. This guy is a lazy bum who rather scam others than actually work to support his family. He saw himself as something he wasn’t and acted it out. Any job worth having is a job worth doing well.

        I cannot buy your scenario on the murder. How do you know it was her medication? Is that like public knowledge?

        Gumo is gone two days and his wife thinks what…he is fishing? Something wrong there.

        In the end, we may never know his real motive. Only two people truly know and one is dead. The other in jail.

        Best thing he can do now is come clean and let the chips fall where they may. Japanese judicial system tends to be more lenient if one is forth coming, contrite and remorseful. And of course, the victim’s family ay have grounds for a monetary award.

        One thing though, as you write, this is very fascinating. Even book or movie worthy. I know the Japanese will do a re-creation (Saigen) drama about it. Maybe you can play Gumo 😉

        You have good and evil, innocence and cunning, love, family, mistress, an international aspect of the relationships from New York to Tokyo to Singapore. Heck, you already have a book written on your blog. Organize it, find a publisher, and sell it…as an author you would have just cause to interview players as to get the true story told.

        But know this…this clown shoe planned this killing like a hunter plans their trek into the woods or elsewhere.

      • That you mentioned “I can play Gumo” is precisely how I am piecing this together. I crawled into his brain – but for ONLY a few hours – what’s left of it. I know how the money angle works on them but do not want to go into detail for fear of embarrassing them even more and out of respect. I know for a fact the family of Gumo’s wife is going through all hell right now. Whoever brought Gumo into this Japanese family’s life is going to be forever tormented. And now we come to the crux of this story: if somebody springs for me how exactly Gumo and his wife met, I can unlock this even more. If it was under circumstances which I think it was knowing how this deviant thinks, it will consummate Gumo’s behavior and then I can fully expose this criminal.

        I don’t know for sure if it was Akitaya’s medication, but if it was, which I think in fact it was her medication, it explains a lot. If this murder wasn’t planned, and I don’t think it was, he wouldn’t have had time to locate sleeping medication while together for roughly 24 hours. And even if he bought medication somewhere along the way to Atami or back off the shelf, he couldn’t be assured it would be a medication he could depend on to sedate her completely unconscious. I could be totally off the mark here, but I am absolutely sure he either knew she took sleeping medication and he observed her taking it while driving to relax.

        The fascinating part is unraveling this for the Japanese police in English because I think like a criminal would think while going through this murder. So the police get to read how a foreigner would interpret this murder in which the suspect is a foreigner. I also know a lot that has been shared with me like I knew people would feed me, but can’t divulge this information out of respect and privacy. If I was a real “muckraker” like I have been disingenuously accused of, I would let it all fly into the public realm on what I now know.

        My bet is he will get 5 to 7 years because I don’t see the Japanese housing, clothing and feeding him for any longer then that. He will have to do time as indemnity for taking the life a of a Japanese citizen then they will kick him out of Japan – permanently. Look out America, Gumo will be headed “home” and he will become your problem then.

        If I go for the book route all the money would go to his family – except enough to by myself a few cold beers.

      • Not sure how the accused and his wife meeting has any bearing on this crime at all. He probably met her at a bar or club in Roppongi or Yokohama. On line dating site were just coming into their own a decade ago or so. And not sure someone like her would be operating in that realm at the time. A bigger question is what brought Gumo to Japan to begin with. Apparently, he had been married to another Japanese, his business partner, too. Possibly cheating on her too for all we know.

        This slime ball was not content with anything he had. Thus, he never deserved it to begin with. He has some deep character flaws as most killers do. This was not a crime of rage, revenge, or impromptu as you suggest.

        The clown was cheating, scamming, and it all came crashing down. He sensed he was about to lose it all because of this one women he met on lime. One of many, I might ad. Not knowing the motive here is the real kicker. Once that is known, most questions will be answered.

        Again this guy planned this and planned it for some time. I live very near Koajiro Bay…and you just don’t randomly drive there by chance. I went there. There are a lot of high rise towers along the isolated bay. Mayne BMW’s and Mercedes parked in the lots with Tokyo plate numbers. In other words, a get away place for the affluent. Was this his favorite fishing hole? Doubt it. My guess is he planned the murder and even planned the location to conceal his crime. Like I write, you just don’t find this place by accident. Hell, I had a hard time finding it with my NAVI. No, he knew in advance what he was going to do and how he was going to do it and try and hide it.

        Just wait – motive will be everything and will tell everything.

        Of course, he could be a nut too and just needed a tad more excitement than normal run around, wife cheating, sex. A Ted Bundy type.

        Does Japan provide a public defender or does his legal representation come out of his own hide?

        And you can blog more about it; just leave out names to protect the innocent or sources. I have to wonder if his wife has a role at all. I heard not the news that a neighbor had wondered how the Gumo couple made a living. The neighbor noted Gumo did not work and had lots of fishing gear, etc. And he noted thst late at night the wife would return home on her motor scooter. I was also noted that the mother and father were seldom seen together.

        Also, was the entire family moving from Japan to Singapore and back Or was it just Gumo and the wife. Not cheap to make such moves, if doing it out of your own pocket. Money might be a big part of all this. As in Gumo did not have any and would do whatever to get it. Even kill.

        I am just guessing of course. I have no real insight other than my own curiosity, the web news, your blog and the little news you here.

        Seems lots of attention now on a psyho who just was arrested for possibly killing two children. Nuts are everywhere. And maybe Gumo was one of them. Hell, for all we know it isn’t the first tie he has taken a life. Then again, isn’t everyone innocent until proven guilty? Or is it in Japan you are guilty until proven innocent. 🙂

      • I just put a post up on some of his back ground. I also noticed I’m picking up some flak at that “fuckedgaijin” board with url links to this blog. “Seems I have a thing for Gumo?” Could care less about Gumo, the f#cking morons. Bunch of bored brainless derelicts over there. Wtf? Keep this one short. I want to know how he met his wife because it is related, not so much to the murder itself, but more how he found himself in that family and why.

        Yeah, two kids get killed in Oaska. The last I visited Fuchu Prison I could hear prisoners yelling. It was at night and they had just finished construction on additional units and lights were reflecting down inside the prison. Very eerie place at night. With murders almost daily now in Japan I think the Japanese government will have to redirect some of that budget deficit (debt) on social welfare spending to build additions onto some of their prisons.

      • Gumo was familiar with Koajiro Bay which means when he drove there the night of the 28th with Akitaya unconscious in the back of the car knowing an area that he could park and discretely drag the body to the boat. Local people reported they have seen Gumo numerous times kayaking and fishing in the area. This indicates he knew the area. When you have an unconscious woman in the back of the car you are intending to murder your only concern at that point is disposing of the body as quickly and as efficiently as possible. There must be a road close to the cove easily accessible where he drove the car to carry the body to the boat. The news media panned across the front of his house and there were numerous fishing rods outside standing against a wall on the left. Gumo loved fishing; the only redeeming quality about his aberrant behavior.

        Now, if you go to his bio information which is decorated all over the internet, he worked for a company in Singapore called “Yamagata”. Yamagata has been in business since 1906 basically established as a printing company and they have expanded over the years incorporating technology into their operations. They have offices all over the world including in Singapore and their headquarters is located I would guess about a thirty minute straight drive to where Gumo lived with his wife in Yokohama. Here’s where the money comes in: Gumo’s wife is the daughter of the senior executive director (SED) of this corporation. The Jomori family goes way back in Yokohama history. I dug out old documents going all the way back to 1946 indicating a Jomori was an accounting officer for a company back then. Gumo was given work at Yamagata being married to his wife and they sent him to Singapore. While in Singapore not doing much of anything for Yamagata, Greg got involved in the night club and party promotion (Avalon and Pangraea night clubs) business in Singapore starting up various companies to take advantage of technology – all failed.

        Whoever was responsibility for vetting Gumo into this family and company made the mistake of treating the “white boy” with a silver spoon just because he spoke English. The Japanese have no common sense when it comes to how they treat whites. He was not educated. He never finished high school. He claimed he is fluent in Spanish. We’re supposed to believe he was fluent in Spanish when he didn’t even have a rudimentary understanding of Japanese?

      • Interesting, I think. First, you don’t normally vet someone into a family. They met, screwed, married, had babies. What her naive daddy did after that is all on him. Gumo is simply a moron…who could have had it all, yet his true character would not allow it. A miserable failure since day one, day two and so on. I wonder if the idiots, at Yamagata, ever even asked for his resume and made a few calls? No matter, all this has little to do with the murder of a Japanese woman. It only shows Gumo is a loser, his wife an obvious idiot, the father who gave the misfit a job is negligent is adhering to nepotism…. Maybe they all get what they deserve because really they all kind of played a role in this guys eventual crime.

      • Well, you would have to vet someone although maybe not in such a formal sense though. If they “met, screwed, married and had babies”, it means wifey here didn’t vet him. At 22 or 23 yrs-old vetting this guy who is 10 years older? Yeah, right, that I’d like to see. What I am searching for is the reverse. I am starting to think Gumo vetted them. He’s an aberration alright, and well worth studying clinically detached.

        A massive failure, but as I have explained, I know why but am not at liberty yet to reveal. Those “idiots” at Yamaga is what I attempted expressing: they didn’t vet him. He’s a gifted conman and takes no prisoners. He didn’t graduate from high school, no formal schooling and shunned it showing contempt for education in his bio. White, English, slick talking, good looking and he’s in like Flynn, say again, Flynn, not Flint.

        I would give the family the benefit of the doubt on this one, I think they were victimized which is why I am waiting for somebody to spring for me how wifey and he met. This is important.

      • Good looking? I am good looking. Gumo is a slouch. And this Ayumi Gumo…she is a loser too base on what you have shared so far. Probably a little rich bitch who was spoiled to no end. You mentioned her modeling career. What modeling career? She registered with a few agencies. Something anyone can do. Nothing came if it. I am sure she had a few gigs here and there, but nothing to brag about. She is a dime a dozen in Tokyo. Kind of like Gumo being a dime a dozen; minus the capacity to kill. Alum Jomori was a young and naive Japanese girl who thought it cool to hang and screw a gaijin. With his pathetic persona of some sort of club guru, she probably found that attractive. No matter, she screwed up as soon as she started screwing his sorry ass. I see it a hundred times a day. Totally gorgeous JN women, walking about in their best Sunday dress with some clown shoe gaijin who is dressed like a slob. They know nothing about one another. Hell, most times they cannot even communicate. You give Gumo too much credit. I can bet Guno never imagined himself killing someone. He just did. And he planned it too…the motive it what we need. Get the motive and will will answer all.

      • You’re too crude. There are a number of matters at issue here, namely, human dignity. That I respect, so therefore the commentary and insight I provide. Gumo has had going way back to his birth some serious issues that ultimately led to his self-destruction. Not sure I mentioned a “modelling career” specifically other than her doing some modelling and apparently making some money off it along with her children doing some modeling. Girls with those looks, money in the account provided by daddy and no education have really no alternative here.

        I need to know how they met. If he smelled money that’s a whole knew ball game. The motive is coming and isn’t really that complicated. Explains why he didn’t plan the murder. I like the cultural clash here, it’s amusing actually. It’s a form of slow drip sarcastic ridicule. Their psychology and past, their inability to communicate probably, their untenable age difference, three children, a source of money, all mean dysfunction at its finest. I would give anything to have heard a conversation between his wife’s father and Gumo. I would have a field day on that one.

      • Actually, Gumo is crude, I am just honest. Most Japanese women, of means and looks, don’t get involved with Gaijins. Maybe a one time fling before they move on to the more serious aspect of their lives. This girl was in it for herself. Don’t think she was like some angelic target. I am sure Gumo talked a good game and that was it. She probably met him at Gas Panic in Yokohama, where he did menial work. The real question is why did Gumo come to Japan to begin with. Have you ver been to Gas Panic in Roppongi? Not sure it is still open. Idiots, with not much else going on, work those places. Now mostly Nigerians hustle in Roppongi. I had been to the Yokohama Gas Panic in the early 2000 time frame. Always dead during the week, and mostly visited by U.S. military on on a Friday night. That is why is went under; a dive for the most part. The primary job of idiots working Gas Panic was to make sure people kept a drink in their hand.

        Also, their age difference is not a big deal. What 10 years…that is nothing.

        Ayumio Jomori fucked her life up the minute she started down the path with Gum. Just her decisions tells me she is an idiot. Some looks and no brains.

        Find out why any how the slouch Gumo came to be in Japan from day one. Most people just don’t get on a plane and go to another country without good reason other than a vacation.

  3. Gumo aside from his problems was a failed entrepreneur, which contrary to current hype is the most frequent result of entrepreneurship. That said it may be that this was a one off event, but I doubt it. That is likely IMHO that he has committed violent crimes against women before. If not murder likely there have been beatings, rape and so forth. I have no evidence of this of course, only a lifetime of observation of this type of person. I am pretty sure too that he is a sociopath given his history of manipulation and potential for violence.

    My only other thought is did his wife have some role in this? If in fact there was an argument between two women the night before, who were they? The wife and murder victim are two likely choices. But I am sure the police will figure that out, unless the wife comes from a wealthy family of course.

    • I think there was a specific reason for his failure as an “entrepreneur.” He is a self-hating loathing individual deeply imprinted on his subconscious mind ever since he was cognizant of his circumstances in this world. I have a bit of an advantage with his background from insights shared with me. He never graduated from high school, left home at 14 and showed up in New York. That whole New York scene of drugs (Ecstasy) tied into the techno synthetic trance (personally, I despise that fucking brain-killing “music”) music reflected in him an over exaggeration of his desire that wasn’t in sync with his self-proclaimed abilities and fabricated business acumen. He had to compensate by lying, faking his existence, pretending to be somebody he wasn’t and deception all across the internet. His mentor in New York was Peter Gatien who was deported back to Canada for drug sales, tax evasion, possible embezzlement and fraud throughout his clubs like the Tunnel and Limelight where Gumo said he was managing. I doubt it, he didn’t have management skills. He was just an employee of some type.

      Gumo admitted Gatien was who he learned from in New York. Gumo wanted to be a star, someone that would be seen by those around him as a “big time promoter” in that type of club culture as a music, night club, party, and festival promoter. His looks even suggest he imitated one of the most well known trance music DJs around, Paul Oakenfold. Gumo makes reference to Oakenfold in some of the digital forensic trail he left. He also left a trail of boastful claims on so many social networking sites I can’t even count. Nothing jives here on his past compared to his bio on all the info he placed on these social networking sites. That’s not even half attempting to be an entrepreneur. That is the sign of a complete abject failure who was extremely angry at himself and society placing basically false information about himself and his abilities.

      He left a bio footprint suggesting he either attended or graduated from New York University studying law in 1998. Then he gets on LinkedIn and demonstrates contempt for education? A degree in law and his grammar and punctuation is about the equivalent of a ninth grader. This is a guy screaming out to the world: “Look at me!!!” He was bored out of his mind which I also blogged on and went into meltdown. That Japanese babe called him out on his bullshit wanting her dignity and money back from this guy. He couldn’t tolerate being told to his face in front of his estranged wife that he was a total worthless going nowhere loser. She sealed her fate.

      He didn’t have the courage to abuse (other than sexual gratification) women and rape. The MO on the murder suggests this, if he in fact snuffed this girl. He didn’t want her to suffer and he wanted to inflict the least amount of pain on her re: he first drugged her into unconsciousness then wrapped her neatly in a sheet and then let her slip out of the boat to suffocate quickly on dirty salt water in that cove. This shit is truly an aberration.

      The wife does come from a wealthy family and I have posted elsewhere here about this. That family is hurting big time. And I am still holding out on his wife, I don’t think she was involved as a direct accomplice. I don’t think she would risk her children. We’ll see. I could be wrong. One observer here said his wife would be picked up as an accomplice to murder in a few days and that was more than few days back. Nothing in the news that I have seen. I think that Japanese babe went to their house and confronted the wife telling her to act on her husband’s criminal behavior or she would. I suspect he suddenly got coy with her and to defuse the situation between them got her out of the house and into the car for a drive to Atami to think out a solution which was: terminal.

  4. Bd-1 you talk too much. You make up theories when there is already evidence as to motives, and you dismiss people who actually KNEW Gumo and his wife. If you really want to find out how they met, and won’t take anyone’s word for it, stop farting in the wind and SEND HER AN EMAIL. Ask for the story. Because this sort of trolling journalism is moronic. And you obviously DO have some fetish for Gumo. Typically, you’d be the one to deny it. Almost making out like you are some jilted homosexual lover who is setting him up.

    • You don’t “talk” on blogs, you comment, make opinions, provide in this case rudimentary “news” on a murder case in which very little is available in English. Theories are inference leading to discovery. You are discounting the fact that I am in touch with people who “knew” Gumo, and boy did they know him.

      “Farting in the wind?” Nice touch. Ever notice that when you fart the smell is tolerable?

      Email already sent requesting information. So, on that account you are too late. Got any other good leads?

      “Fetish?” For Gumo? How odd, personally I find him unsavory and loathing, and you? It’s amusing how you suggest I have a fetish for him and then suggest I will deny it. You’ve been through this blog, or the posts on him, what do you think about him?

      “Moronic journalism?” You call it “journalism”? Well, maybe it is? You’re a pretty observant guy. Now that’s a good one: “…jilted homosexual lover setting him up.” I suppose that could be one take of many, except he wasn’t bisexual having a pretty good appetite for sex with females.

      Anything else today or are you pretty much finished? The other interesting aspect of blogging this murder is the commentary I am receiving. Sort of like what I have suggested this murder case is: “A socioeconomic commentary on individuals involved.”

  5. I know him in real life. In fact we were dating way before he got married. All I can share is that he is a player in real life. Always had been, with or without a girlfriend or wife. And yes this is his wife. He was in my friend list till he deactivated it.

    • Thank you for sharing.

      Yes, I think we’ve been able to trace back pretty much most of his activity with reasonable certainty the past 15 years or so, to see what kind of a person he has demonstrated himself to be in all these relations. It is fairly obvious by now that he has gone through women like a child goes through toys: one right after another. It is too bad it ended in the death of a woman to end his “playing in real life.” And now the only person not being able to “play” is Mariko Akitaya.

      Friend list? Where? LINE? Facebook? There is no more digital evidence available from these sources. As he is sitting in that prison cell isolated and no longer having access to the internet he must be going through serious withdrawal symptoms as he stares at that drab colored gray concrete wall one meter in front of him. He most certainly is thinking back on all the women he “played.”

  6. You should know of all people, one’s look is not the foundation of a harmonious marriage, her beauty alone cannot be the “glue” for the failure of their marriage! This is not about her, HIM rather

  7. Bd-1, May I ask? Do you have any updates in regard to his pending criminal investigation? Do you know where is he being held? Do you know how does one reach out to him?

    • Sitting in a jail cell in Yokosuka eating soup and fish while contemplating his circumstances. Contact the police at the Yokusuka main police station. They have an English speaking officer on duty.

      Reach out?

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