The motivation for Gregory Joseph Gumo was boredom

Spent thirty minutes reading through the comments on the murder of Mariko Akitaya in Yokohama last week the 29th and it is instructive to read all the comments. After reading these comments and considering my own circumstances in Japan, my guess is that the motivation for Gregory Gumo getting involved with Mariko Akitaya was because for the simple reason Gregory Gumo was bored. Yeah, you would be surprised what happens to foreigners living in Japan married to a Japanese woman with children. The monotony of everyday life is sometimes beyond toleration even for Japanese men let alone foreigners. I had to go through this same monotony because having raised children in Japan, it is very easy to find yourself lusting after single Japanese babes who are more than willing to oblige you to alleviate the sheer boredom. My supposition is that Mariko Akitaya became intent on marriage considering most Japanese women have two things on their mind: marriage and security. Gregory Gumo I suspect didn’t want to give up the financial security and comfort of his home life with his Japanese wife, but yet was willing to risk that to have adventurous sex on the side to break the boredom and monotony of living in Japan.

Alright, here is the latest news release with further evidence against Gregory Gumo. My comments are in dark blue within the brackets:

American man arrested for disposing of woman’s body in Kanagawa bay

August 8, 2015

Tokyo – Police in Kanagawa Prefecture have arrested a 41-year-old unemployed American man on a charge of disposing of a woman’s body that was found floating in Koajiro Bay, Miura, on the morning of July 29.

Police identified the suspect as Gregory Joseph Gumo, who lives in Yokohama. He has denied the charge, Fuji TV reported. He was detained July 29 at Haneda International Airport while waiting to board a flight to the U.S., and formally charged on Aug 6. [Imagine how shocked he was when the police showed up at Haneda Airport and apprehended him sitting there at the gate waiting to board his flight to the United States?]

Gumo was sent to prosecutors on Saturday, Fuji reported.

The body of a Mariko Akitaya, 42, was found wrapped in a sheet and bound with rope and with a concrete block attached to it. There were no external signs of injury on the body which was clothed. [These materials were reported purchased by Gregory Gumo at a store in the area where he lived.]

Fuji TV quoted police as saying that an autopsy revealed water in her lungs, leading investigators to believe she was still alive when she was dumped in the river. [Apparently, Mariko Akitaya was given some type of drug to induce unconsciousness. She was then wrapped in the vinyl sheet, tied up and taken out into the cove and tossed off a boat.]

Police discovered tracks in the sand near where the body was found, indicating that she had been dragged to the water’s edge before being put in a boat and taken out to the bay. An unregistered boat was found nearby.

Police said they heard from locals that Gumo was familiar with the area because he frequently fished there. [Of course without concluding he is guilty but if he did murder Mariko Akitaya, he sure wasn’t very bright about going about it. Mariko Akitaya is dragged to a boat and then tossed into this shallow cove where locals have seen Gregory Gumo there fishing?] They also learned that Gumo and Akitaya became acquainted after meeting on an Internet dating site in April.

Street surveillance camera footage also shows the two riding in a car, belonging to Gumo’s wife, in the area a few hours before the woman’s body was found. [His wife’s car makes me think he was living off his wife’s income or that of his wife’s parents? Did Gregory Gumo and his wife share a home with his wife’s parents?]

Gumo and his Japanese wife have three children. [If Gumo murdered Mariko Akitaya, the thought of him doing this to his children is really beyond comprehension. Those children are going to be stigmatized wherever they go in Japan.]