Mariko Akitaya seduced on an online social networking site

What is apparent here is that if Gregory Gumo was trying to keep his marriage unknown when he decided to get involved in a relationship with Mariko Akitaya, Gumo didn’t display too much common sense. He allowed himself to be photographed with Mariko Akitaya as the below image demonstrates. It is not certain where the media picked this imagine up from of Mariko Akitaya and Gregory Gumo together, but it is damning evidence of their intimate relationship. Imagine the reaction Gumo’s wife had if she saw this image of them together with Gumo’s head on Mariko Akitay’s shoulder?  Must have devastated her. What would go through the mind of Gregory Gumo in getting involved in a relationship with Mariko Akitaya even though Gumo was married with three children? May sound like there is an obvious answer, but damn, three children and a beautiful wife just got abandoned in a very tragic brutal way. I have also speculated he was motivated by boredom.

Mariko Akitaya and Gregory Gumo

Mariko Akitaya and Gregory Gumo

Was it the boredom and monotony of living in Japan as a foreigner? Was the only way to overcome that boredom and to create a little excitement to meet and then seduce Mariko Akitaya on the online social networking site where they met? Would sex be that powerful of a motivation for Gregory Gumo to try and maintain his story that he was single and “available” for marriage as was probably interpreted by Mariko Akitaya?  They allegedly met online last year in April of 2014 although this date isn’t exactly clear yet. How long was Gumo able to keep the image going he wasn’t married with three children? When did Mariko Akitaya suspect he was married and if he had three children?  What kind of a story did he tell Mariko Akitaya that he couldn’t stay together every night and that he had to go home where he had a family unbeknownst by Mariko Akitaya? Had he told Mariko Akitaya he was married from the outset it is highly unlikely Mariko Akitaya would have ever gotten involved with him in the first place. Clearly we can see deception on Gumo’s part to seduce Mariko Akitaya into a relationship. It would be interesting to learn more about where they met? How often they had sex and where? What did Gumo explain to his Japanese wife when he didn’t come home or went to stay somewhere for the night? Did he tell his wife he was going boating or fishing? Where did he get the money to meet Mariko Akitaya or did she pay?


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  1. Lot of assumptions here. Maybe, jus maybe, this guy is a sociopath and it could be this isn;t the first time he killed. And it could be his wife was playing around too. Good be the victim knew he was married and he was planning to leave his wife, but change his mind. He could have been here on a spouse VISA and needed his wife. I am sure he did not have permanent residence or did he? He could have been an abuser at home to both wife and children. We just don’t know.

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