The cove where Mariko Akitaya’s body was discovered

The following image is of the location in the cove of Koajiri Bay in Miura City where the body of Mariko Akitaya was discovered by a local resident in Kanagawa Prefecture. Her body was discovered wrapped in a brown vinyl sheet and tied with yellow and black nylon rope with a concrete block fastened to her. Her body was discovered just to the right of the white object in this image.

Cove where Mariko Akitaya was found

Cove where Mariko Akitaya was found

Mariko Akitaya’s body was pulled out of the cove and she was placed in this boat by the police. Her body is wrapped in the brown sheet seen in this image with a blue tarp placed over her body. The police were called after a local resident discovered the body floating in the cove. It is not clear why the body was floating in the cove even with a concrete block tied to the body with nylon rope. The police had 66 investigators on this case and they apparently discovered the store where a brown sheet and nylon rope were purchased which is the same brown sheet and nylon rope used to wrap and tie the body of Mariko Akitaya before being tossed into the cove.


Mariko Akitaya's body

Mariko Akitaya’s body

The media had gone to the house of the Gumo’s and filmed outside which included a white boat in the driveway. Gregory Gumo had been frequently seen in the area of the cove where Mariko Akitaya’s body was discovered. Residence and frequent visitors to the cove said that they had often seen Gregory Gumo there fishing and boating and that he was familiar with the cove. After a visit to Gregory Gumo’s Google page, there are several comments and videos related to boating, so Gregory Gumo certainly had an interest in boating and fishing. There were quite a few fishing rods located in front of the Gumo house in the same video clip the media presented. If Gregory Gumo drugged Mariko Gumo as is being alleged and then dragged her body to a boat to take out into the cove to be tossed in the water, this would certainly fit his being familiar with boats.

It seemed as if the only place Gumo could think of to leave the body was this cove. Since this looks as though he planned Mariko Akitaya’s death in advance, disposing of the body in the cove would have been the most likely place for Gumo being familiar with the area, a possible boat to use and a specific location in the cove where the body was released into the water. The police reported that they had discovered drag marks in the sand that led to a boat.

Gregory Gumo's boat

Gregory Gumo’s boat