Apparently Gregory Gumo had two previous Japanese wives

Researching last night and found it not surprising at all like I thought it would be, as to how easy it is to build a profile out on someone like suspected murderer Gregory Joseph Gumo. Yesterday, while reading comments at different news sites on this murder, a comment was left stating that Gumo had been “married twice previously in addition to his current marriage”. The other day, I was reading through Gumo’s Google page and noticed the name Mimi Gumo (グモみみ) and clicked on the name. This brought me to the Google page of a Japanese woman with the name of “Mimi Gumo”. From what I have been able to put together at this point, and unless this is a woman with the same last name, this might be Gregory Gumo’s second wife. There isn’t much information available on Mimi Gumo. I’m wondering if she has been made aware of Gregory Gumo being arrested for the suspicion of murdering Mariko Akitaya, if she is Gumo’s second wife? Not that she should be but it would be interesting to see her reaction.  The only other information is that she lives in Tokyo so she must have learned by now of Gregory Gumo’s arrest. Is this actually Gumo’s second wife?

The commentator on a public board related to the news of Mariko Akitaya’s murder, after suggesting Gumo had two previous wives, led me to find a Japanese woman with the name of Maiko Nakamura, who from what I can tell was married to Gumo. If these are Gumo’s previous wives it sure would be telling to get there experiences of what it was like being married to Gregory Gumo.  Apparently, Maiko Nakamura was an associate of Gregory Gumo’s in the United States and then they were married. Doesn’t seem that marriage lasted too long? The bio of Gumo in a later post confirms the marriage to a Japanese girl with the same name and that they divorced with Gumo getting married again and having two children in this second marriage, but not to a third subsequent marriage to a Japanese woman.

This post updated as of August 13, 2015.

I am starting to receive flak from different perspectives for “my little investigative blog” – don’t you just enjoy the condescension – so will be updating these posts to reflect updates based on news. Gregory Gumo’s biography indicates he is a promoter. As such a promoter promotes things hopefully to earn money, to increase status in life, to become “successful”, which is pretty subjective, and to establish financial security. My feelings are that as a promoter which Gumo is/was, there are no moral limits that cannot be exceeded.  Like promoting a concert in Singapore in 2013 Gumo was a promoter for and then possibly advertising this music festival by falsely telling potential attendees that well known names in music would be performing in Singapore, when in fact no such agreement was ever reached with these well known names in music. Whether Gumo was responsible for this is still not yet confirmed, so with this in mind, chances are Gumo does not personally know the Japanese women with the name of Mimi Gumo he placed on his Google page to promote himself or his business. Did he seek Mimi Gumo’s (if this is the correct spelling) permission to use her name and image as well as a connection to her on his Google page without telling her that she would be used to promote himself or his business using a similar last name of Gumo?


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    • Yes, it is really astonishing how Gumo has revealed himself through all these accounts and social networking sites including Google, Facebook and twitter. He has two accounts each, two on twitter and two on Google.

      Thanks, this case has really intrigued me.

  1. Mimi Gumo is not his wife. Obviously, it’s a Japanese celebrity who I don’t know the name but I am sure because I have seen her face.

    • That is what I am trying to determine. Her name matches and I made sure to suggest that it is trying to be determined whether or not Mimi Gumo was his second wife. We are trying to establish accuracy and detail on this case.

      Thanks and if you find further information please comment or forward to me.

  2. Hey Woodward,
    How about respecting privacy instead of posting up pics/names of people who may or may not be innocently linked to Gumo, which, is at the very least, grossly irresponsible. I notice you only list your initials. Come off as pompous and sanctimonious as you want in your little investigative blog but leave people who you have zero to do with what took place in Yokohama out of it.

    • You are deluded if you consider maintaining “privacy on the internet” as “respecting privacy.” These names, images, dates, times, locations and information related to this murdered woman in Yokohama are plastered all over the internet. So then what you are suggesting is that a murdered woman and a suspect under arrest that has been in the news should be kept as quite as possible but when there is a notorious murder of a celebrity in Hollywood the entire world knows about it? It’s a good thing you have an opinion. If you were paid for it you would be ¥1 in the black. Life is painful isn’t it? Enjoy the blog.

  3. I know Greg . Just found out this news tonight and I’m so shocked.. Couldn’t believe that he would do this ..

    • How well do you know Gumo? Here in Tokyo? I’ve covered the case since it happened last year July, 2015. Many people have contacted me offering insights.

      Knowing his character (based on his digital record over the years and what has been told to me) it is not unbelievable at all.

  4. Wow! I’m pretty surprised to hear about this shocking news story, especially since I met Greg 20 years ago and he was reserved and mild mannered, kind of shy and quiet. From reading other comments from people who knew him, Now I have more questions and answers!

    • Yeah, turned out pretty ugly for everyone involved. Sad. Really tragic, and Gumo is sitting in a prison in Japan for the next year and three months to think things through between meals of rice, fish and some miso broth. And the Japanese woman, she’s been forgotten.

      • Hopefully he is remorseful to the victim, Mariko Akitaya and her family. The lack of regard for her life and the way she was disposed of deserves more than 18 months of jail.
        I just can’t imagine what would have driven him to go to those extreme measures, pretty sickening!

      • It isn’t likely he will be remorseful, especially towards Mariko Akitaya, or her family. Most of us who followed the case thought so as well. 18 months? What is this? Nothing seems too rational in his case, especially with a Japanese wife and three children.

  5. I met a girl from OkCupid dating site, she said her and some of her friends were approached by him via the website. It seems very dishonest for a married man to be so active on okcupid. My guess is the victim figured out he was married and threatened to tell his wife.
    He will get his just deserves someday or the other! Absolute scumbag!

    • I’ve had people contact me to provide similar information about his predatory behavior. As pointed out in one blog post, I was able to locate a blog comment he left, might even still be available, in which he was up late at night working on his own public dating board commenting on how bored he was. This while his wife and three children were probably upstairs in their house sleeping.

      All indications are this is where he met the Japanese woman who ended up being tossed out of a boat wrapped in a vinyl sheet and tied to a brick with a nylon rope. What will be needed to be done is to make sure people know he will be released from prison in a year and a couple of months I suspect being forced to return to the US.

  6. Its not like he jumped out of the bushes and snatched her off the street while she was walking home from work. He was kooking for casual sex on a dating website. He met Akitaya. She at some point found out he was married. She should have walked away at that point but she didn’t. Not a predator. Just a scumbag.

    • A bit more complicated. She would have “walked away” except that she was probably pregnant with his child, something he specialized in, and he owed her money from what we have been able to ascertain. He’s not just a scumbag, he is a deeply and profoundly f*cked up individual. He developed his own dating website which I have gone over probably to prey on women just like Akitaya as far as I can tell. He met his match with Akitaya because she wasn’t going to tolerate his shit once she discovered his personal circumstances.

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