Gregory Joseph Gumo created dating website Luvfindr

Being a resident of Japan for a very long time and learning of murder cases mostly from the media and news networks, the murder of Mariko Akitaya has for some reason struck me as particularly interesting. This is probably because so much information is publicly available on the internet from different social networking sites including Facebook, twitter and Google. It is astonishing what I have been able to learn of the murder of Mariko Akitaya and of the murder suspect Gregory Joseph Gumo. After doing a search last night and based on my supposition that a big contributing factor to the possible motivation behind Gregory Gumo’s behavior and his suspected involvement in the murder of this woman, was do to boredom. Yeah, that’s right, as simple as something like that sounds, boredom probably drove this guy to act the way he did finding himself getting deeper and deeper in a relationship he couldn’t extract himself from. My bet is Mariko Akitaya was more than he could handle. With that thought in mind, searching the internet brought me to a blog that looks as though it was set up by Gregory Joseph Gumo. And just as I suspected, have a good look at the title of his blog and the name of the owner:

Bored… 1am at home in Yokohama Japan…

Greg Gumo

“Bored?” There is nothing that will instantly overcome boredom for a man than the gratification of sex, especially illicit sex. Now it becomes even more suspicious, if that’s a good description, to learn that Gregory Gumo created the social networking site “Luvfindr“. Is this the social networking site where Gregory Gumo first met Mariko Akitaya last year in April, 2014? And this still isn’t clear from the news coverage. Did he meet her online in April of 2014, or April of 2015? If this website is where he met her and it is his site this is really incriminating evidence against him. This Gregory Gumo looks like he has spent the past twenty years preying on Japanese women if he in fact had three Japanese wives. From what I have read after reading commentary from other people who are looking at Gregory Gumo’s background off various sites, he has been married twice outside of his present wife and all three are quite beautiful Japanese women. Gumo it appears, has an insatiable appetite for beautiful Japanese girls.

Look at the url address for his blog: “Greg is lost?” This guy has been screaming “trouble” and nobody noticed. The name of his blog is: “The social antisocial.” After reading this apparent single entry to his blog dated February 12, 2014, two months before he met Mariko Akitaya online, if it was in 2014, it leaves one with the distinct impression Gregory Gumo was bored out of his mind and he was working on his dating website called “Luvfindr” at the time of this February 12, 2014 blog post. Here is a link showing the SEO status of his Luvfindr website: The first question that comes to mind is why would Gregory Gumo who is married with three children, start up a web site described as a “dating website where true love can be found?” Always searching for love are we?

It’s almost like Gumo created his dating website Luvfindr to satisfy his apparent boredom to seek excitement and entertainment. The dating website Luvfindr created by Gregory Gumo has subsequently been taken down reflecting a dead url link. He mentioned that his house was “rented out while he was out of Japan”, but was it actually his house, or his Japanese wife’s house? Is he suggesting here he had that kind of money to purchase a home in Japan and that if he didn’t have the money to purchase a home in Japan, he was able to obtain a bank loan to purchase the home? The impression here is that Gumo is exaggerating his financial status to inflate his own circumstances for appearances sake. From the details provided in this blog post below, it certainly does appear to be the same Gregory Joseph Gumo who has been charged with the murder of Mariko Akitaya. Again, we see boredom being mentioned by Gregpry Gumo while in Bangkok, Thailand from his entry below. Gumo’s blog entry starts after the image of Gumo and an image of the top left off Gumo’s Luvfindr website?

Gregory Jospeh Gumo hard at work creating Luvfindr

Gregory Joseph Gumo hard at work creating Luvfindr

Screen shot for Luvfindr website

Screen shot for Luvfindr website

“Being a web developer I spend a lot of time online. While I am suppose to be actually working on any of a number of projects as usually I end up drifting around the internet googling random things.

It’s been 5 months now since I relocated back to Yokohama Japan, finally settling back into my own house here which had been rented out to others while I was mostly based in Singapore for the past several years. I can’t really say I was “living” just in Singapore during that time as I spend a large percentage of my time bouncing around Asia on various projects.

I am definitely missing some parts of life in Singapore, for one it’s warm all year, an endless summer, days, weeks, months blow past there in a blink as the seasons just don’t change reminding you the years are ticking by. Singapore was pretty much a 24 hour city, Yokohama on the other hand… no so much. Yeah we have places we can go at 1am on a week night if we really want to but the fact of the matter is life hear is a lot less recreational and a lot more structured. Again this is Yokohama NOT Tokyo.

So how did I end up here.

Well, I’m currently rather flexible and trying to decide between several project offers in various places such as Bangkok, Thailand (where I’ve “lived” in several times already and kinda bored of) and a Kolkata, India… but I’ve also been seriously considering setting up an incorporation service for people who like myself consider themselves to be global citizens and need to set up in a international business friendly country with low (or in some cases even no) corporate taxes such as Singapore or Hong Kong. At the same time I’ve also been developing a few online project of my own including the online dating website, Luvfindr (pronounced Love Finder) and a couple software as a service projects related to SEO. I’ve never been the time to settle into 1 place and I guess my wandering spirit (and a bad case of 1am boredom) had me goolging “Modern Nomad” which left me to Tynan’s blog… Anyhow, being a programmer I noticed the php errors on the top of the page so I decided to message Tynan regarding the errors, upon pressing send I had to sign up and so here I am now posting this. Also I wanted to suss out the website a bit too… So far it seems pretty straightforward ; ) well, back to erm… work.”


3 thoughts on “Gregory Joseph Gumo created dating website Luvfindr

  1. First, don’t assume he met the victim in Japan or on line. She too spent time in Singapore as determined by her FB page and the pics of her being at Marina Bay Sands. It could be they knew each other for a while even though it is said they met on line.

    And so many people are screwing around on line that it is unreal. Maybe his wife was serving around too. Ever here of Ashley Madison website. Japan Guide? Sex trolls live large on line. Funny thing is that men looking for sex while women look for love. Mis-match from the start.

    This is the world we live in now. People meet on line, meet in person, fuck, and sometime people get hurt or even killed.

    This might be a wake up call to many women. If you are meeting some guy met on line best ask oneself why is this guy on line to begin with, and then ask why you are on line. You just never know what people are even in person let alone in the virtual world.

    This guy is simply a punk, a wannabe player, who thought he was in control but never was. None of us are. Things got out of control and apparently the risk / reward for him led to murder. But, I would bet Gumo and his wife were just living under the same roof. Apparently she was working and he was not. Probably a sexless marriage to boot.

    A lot of marriages become sexless over time, and in Japan this really seems to be almost the norm. Bet this was not about sex at all. It was about control and maybe even money. And at 41 years of age…he was primed for this disturbed behavior.

    I read where someone posted this Gumo the punk used to work at Gas Panic in Yokohama and he was scammed out of some money by Gumo. No more details other than that.

    Gumo is, or was, the stereotypical Charisma Man living in Japan. Anyone knows, me included, that many guys can have women and sex in Japan that would normally not be available to them in the U.S. or the west in general. They have a confidence here that is absent in western culture. Not sure what it is but it is something. As a former Navy man, I would see countless military personnel who were thugs for the most part with some of the most charming and beautiful Japanese girls, and just could not understand it. Also, this would go in hand with the fact that about 80% of marriages between westerners and Japan end in divorce. Research it…it is true.

    If this dude did murder this woman, I hope they hang his sorry ass. And so sad his children will content with this for the rest of their lives, but they will survive….

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