Gregory Joseph Gumo must have been extremely busy preparing

If Gregory Gumo murdered Mariko Akitaya as the police suspect, and her body was discovered in Koajiro Bay in Miura on Wednesday morning of the 29th of July, that would mean Gregory Gumo and Mariko Akitaya were together the night before which would have been Tuesday night the 28th of July. Did the police on inquiry ask Gumo’s wife if she could account for her husband as to where he was the night of the 28th? Gumo and Akitaya were seen by surveillance camera in the same car apparently either driving to or returning from Atami, which is quite a long drive from where Gumo lives in Hodogaya in Yokohama. The media reports say the surveillance video was taken of them close to Miura several hours before Mariko Akitaya disappeared.

If he planned to murder Akitaya, that means Gumo would have had to have access to some type of sleeping drug, black and yellow nylon rope and what appeared to be a brown plastic vinyl sheet as well as a concrete block. After he some how slipped her the sleeping drug, did he drive around with her until she went unconscious? Were these items in his wife’s car when he must have picked Akitaya up at a train station earlier in the evening perhaps close to Gumo’s residence with Mariko Akitaya thinking they were just going for a drive to Atami? Damn, maybe Gumo’s wife knew they were together that night? This is an image of the front of the house where Gumo lives with his Japanese wife and children. Be advised that all this information and images are readily available off the internet.

Gumo residence

Gumo residence

What I would like to know is how did the police learn so quickly the identity of Mariko Akitaya after she was discovered Wednesday morning the 29th, and how did they link her so quickly to Gregory Gumo from the surveillance camera? Then how did they get to Haneda Airport so quickly on the 29th unless they contacted Gumo’s wife asking where he was? That all must have happened within a very short period of time for the police to link them together in the vehicle probably driving back from Atami together? Did Gumo know Mariko Akitaya had images on her cell pone? What did Gumo do with Mariko Akitaya’s personal belongings like her purse, cell phone or any identification?

If Gumo first gave Mariko Akitara sleeping medication or drug, he would have had to give it to her perhaps having dinner or having drinks together. Did she go unconscious while driving in the car on the way back to Miura and Kaojiro Bay where he planned to dispose of her body in the cove? The thing that is noticeable here is that Mariko Akitaya’s body was in a dress and that she had apparently been drugged into unconsciousness. That sounds to me as if Gumo had “compassion” for his victim as ugly as that may sound. It appears he didn’t want to “injure” her in any unnecessary way and didn’t want her to suffer. This may may be evidence the court looks at if he finds himself in court.

He would have had to stop at some point on the way back from Atami on the way to Miura to have wrapped Mariko Akitaya’s body in the brown vinyl sheet and then tie her in it with the nylon rope. This is an image of Koajiro Bay and there seems to be an access road to the water where he must have driven as close as possible to remove the body from the car and bring it to the edge of the water. Did he go back to the car after getting her body in the boat to get the concrete block? It was at night. Wasn’t there anyone in the area who saw something going on? This would also mean Gumo either was aware of a boat that was available, or he had positioned a boat there at some previous time to use that night.

Gumo must have been stressed beyond belief doing all that driving, getting Mariko Akitaya to drink the sleeping drug without her being aware it was being administered to her, then driving to Miura, stopping along the way to wrap her body in the plastic sheet, then driving to the bay to drag her body to the boat. He would of had to row the boat out to that specific location, fasten the concrete block to her and then lifted the body out of the boat to toss in the cove. Then after all that, return home, make final arrangements to leave for Haneda Airport the following morning or afternoon depending on his flight departure. What did he tell his wife he was doing that night. Was his wife aware he was meeting Akitaya? Did his wife know of their relationship?

Kaoshiro Bay in Miura

Kaoshiro Bay in Miura


2 thoughts on “Gregory Joseph Gumo must have been extremely busy preparing

  1. Yes, it’s strange how they know he is associated with Mariko when the body hasn’t been identified yet. From what I have heard, DNA testing doesn’t get finished in a day, and they have a DNA data readily available for cross-referencing? If that’s the case, maybe Mariko was arrested before. Also, who tipped the police off is the question. Most labs can do a DNA test in 30 days I understand depending on workload. That work load I am assuming are criminal cases. Maybe labs in Japan are quicker though, I don’t know.

    • spearfisher, apologies. I accidentally started editing your comment when I thought it was mine and I can’t go back to correct your comment.

      Yes, trying to piece this all together. My bet is the police might have known about these two at some point. And that DNA testing supposition too, how is it possible to obtain DNA test results in such a short period of time? I think the police or the journalist were injecting their own script into this story because they are almost certain Gumo snuffed her. Most labs can do a DNA test in 30 days depending on workload. Maybe labs in Japan are quicker, I don’t know.

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