Topic on board set up referring to Gregory Gumo called “fuckedgaijin”

A public board on Japan has a subject set up called “fuckedgaijin” and there are many comments available to look through that can be used to build a pretty good background on Gregory Joseph Gumo. We are trying to determine if he had one or two previous Japanese wives. It would be beneficial to go through this “fuckedgaijin” board to glean insights on Gregory Gumo. My only recommendation for people is to keep your private thoughts and motivations of yourself off the internet. Here is a perfect example of why. A person’s entire life can be assembled including a lot of personal information that is easily forgotten. I found Gumo’s blog with possibly incriminating information relating to his admitted boredom and creating a dating site called “Luvfindr.”

It is just astonishing what is available to build a case against this guy for murdering Mariko Akitaya. I have been able to obtain complete bios, the names of his previous wives (if the one woman is in fact a previous wife), their names, photos, Facebook and Google information, addresses, telephone numbers, possible motives, character, personality (Gumo certainly displayed a certain amount of narcissism), evidence relating to fishing and boats and on it goes with the internet. And now it is clear Gregory Gumo created the dating website calledLuvfindr” which I was able to locate where he might have “ambushed” Mariko Akitaya to seduce her into a relationship. Not specifically Mariko Akitaya either, it could have been any girl under the right circumstances. I couldn’t make out the name of the social networking site the television media mentioned several times. This Gregory Gumo is turning out to be a real character lover boy on the side looking for a little excitement to overcome his boredom living in Tokyo. Yeah, can deal with that but to kill this girl? A married man with three children creates a free dating website? That certainly will take some explaining to the police.


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  1. “A public board on Japan has a subject set up called “fuckedgaijin” has been around for about 15 years. I am a little surprised that you are only now finding it.

    • Don’t be surprised. Online life doesn’t impress me going back and forth in an endless pattern of addictive chatter. I intentionally stay out of the electronic digital shit hole until this case appeared. And I’ve explained in a post and in my comments why this case has particularly intrigued me. Which is how I found “fuckedgaijin.” And if gaijins are fucked perhaps they would do well to unfuck themselves, no?

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