Gregory Gumo involved in cancelled 1 World Music Festival in 2013

Personally, I am not interested in musicians and entertainment in the least with very few exceptions having experienced being involved with musicians. I prefer to stay out of their way recognizing off stage they can be some of the most intolerable people imaginable. A hugely promoted music festival, which at the time promised to bring Snoop Dogg, Moby, Far East Movement (I don’t have a clue who these musicians are) and other international acts to Singapore over what was then the upcoming F1 weekend was cancelled two days before this music festival was scheduled to take place between September 20-21, 2013. This music event was expected to attract 20,000 people and was cancelled two days before the event was expected to start.

After being tipped off, I did some looking into this event in Singapore and sure enough, look who was a promoter of this music event: Gregory Gumo. Pay attention to that word “promoter” in the previous sentence because it is relevant. Gregory Gumo was a representative for the 1 World Music Festival and at the time this music festival was cancelled two days before its start, Gumo told an organization called Scene Asia, that the organizers were “not prepared yet to make a full statement, but that all artists were paid in full, and had confirmed their attendance at the event.”

Gregory Gumo in a promotional image with

Gregory Gumo in a promotional image with Richard Branson






Here’s what I think happened. Gregory Gumo promoted himself as a “social networking expert” and a “technologist” from information easily obtainable from any number on online sources on Gumo. Gumo according to this Wall Street Journal article, was a “representative of the festival” in Singapore that was cancelled  in September, 2013. The reason why this music festival in Singapore scheduled for September 20-21, 2013 was canceled two days prior to the event, was because apparently, some well known musicians were alleged to have been promoted that they would be appearing in the music festival. This information was promoted through social networking sites which excited people enough to want to attend to see perform who they thought were going to be in attendance at this music festival. As it turned out, the artists that were alleged to be performing in the festival were never invited and their names, whether agreed to or not, were used to falsely represent the festival to attract attendance. Why this would have caused the music festival cancelling is not clear but who did the false advertising for this event? Was it Gregory Gumo? Did he over hype this event? As was suggested is this why he returned to Japan?

If this is in fact what happened and if Gregory Gumo was behind this false advertising using social media to overly hype this music festival in Singapore, it would have been difficult to track down Gregory Gumo as the one promoting this festival using well known musician names knowing full well these musicians wouldn’t be attending the 1 World Music Festival. Was Gumo revealed as the person promoting falsely this music festival and as a result of being involved in this fraud leave Singapore to prevent being implicated in a law suit?

Here is a quote from an article I read on the cancellation of this event and now I am focused on who the individual is mentioned in this quote:

Investigations are underway as to whether there was any wrongdoing involved in this fiasco, including accusations of embezzlement. Links have been made to a 1 World Music Festival staff member who was also allegedly involved in a Phuket beach party gone wrong, in which accusations were made that the event was over-hyped.

The “event was over hyped?” That wouldn’t be falsely representing names in music who were hyped on social media saying they would be in Singapore for this festival when there was no such plan for them to be there? Now, read this sentence from the same article:

“There’s a pattern: all signs keep pointing back to one person,” our source added.

Who was that person? Gregory Gumo? Was he in Phuket promoting this beach party mentioned in the quote above that turned into a nightmare? His promotional page refers to him being in Bangkok.