Gregory Gumo connected to a private party scam in New York

Gregory Gumo came out of New York where rage parties and private parties were arranged for often inviting well known names, well, “well known” if you are involved in some of these rage and private parties that go on when people like this are in attendance. I don’t know who the people in this image are nor do I really care, the point is this is the underground where Gregory Gumo came out of in New York before he arrived in Japan.

As discussed previously, I did a post on a musical festival that was cancelled in Singapore in September, 2013.  Gregory Gumo was a promoter of this music festival. The event was alleged to have been over hyped through social media and music names that were promoted over social media advertised as being planned to perform at this event in Singapore, turned out they never agreed to perform. It is now suspected Gumo was behind falsely promoting this music festival in Singapore. Shortly thereafter, Gumo returns to Japan. The weakest link in a scam?

New YorkIn 2002 in New York while Gumo was working at the Limelight, a famous night club in New York where private parties are arranged and promoted by people like Gregory Gumo, an event was promoted which ended up being promoted through a fraudulent promotion company in France through Gregory Gumo. The fraudulent promotion cost the sponsors US$25,000 and shortly thereafter, Gregory Gumo shows up in Japan. Here is a quote from a news article referring to Gregory Gumo’s associates involved in private parties in New York’s nightlife scene from the same news article:

Judging character in clubland is like comparing two criminals. It’s impossible. There are only lesser liars, lesser scam artists, and lesser bastards. But in a reversal of roles, two promoters got screwed.

Here is the reason for the failure to perform with this particular party back in 2002 in which Gregory Gumo was the promoter for through a company in France that was non-existent which looks to have been a company set up to dupe party promoters of their money. They would dupe party sponsors by promising them well known names (what a scam these people are which are the equivalent of moral degenerates promoting almost anything you can imagine) with up front fees then the well known names never show up for the rage party.

Josh Isaac, the wunderkind who came out of nowhere two years ago with his monstrous Global Bass parties at the Limelight, has popped up again, this time promoting house events. His first party was to feature Guy-Manuel and Paul de Homem-Christo, but the Daft Punk DJ and his brother never showed.

Isaac contends he did all the right things: booked the hotel, paid the deposit, etc. But he shortly discovered he was bamboozled—and was dealing all along with a nonexistent booking agency in France that he was recommended to by a former colleague, Greg Gumo, who used to work at the Limelight. Gumo, who is currently living in Japan, could not be reached at press time.

Since then, the agency has gone AWOL, says Isaac in an e-mail missive. Meanwhile, he’s out 25 G—the sum he paid to book four shows through the agency. Isaac didn’t respond for comment.

Apparently, the same agency also had its fingers in an Aphex Twin booking at the Roxy in November; but that show was also canceled after the promoters, Stuck on Earth, discovered that they too were duped.

Here’s a video from the Limelight in New York, the life Gregory Gumo came out of in New York as a private party and nightlife promoter. So, Gregory, which are you? A scam artist or a lesser bastard? Scams go for the weakest link, Greg, were you that link?

Limelight Nightclub circa 1991


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  1. That ameblo blog they linked on 2ch was not hers. That Ayumi lives in Chiba. It is just a coincidence that her husband slightly resembles Gumo.
    The other ameblo blog they found however, was the real one.

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